Friday, May 23, 2008

It is time

Well, it’s finally happened. We all knew this day was coming. It was only a Matter of Time.

Behold, Internet! I have made my decision!

Starting next week, I am officially back in the workforce!!

…as a self-employed independent contractor, database analyst flavor.

Which is a lot like not-really-employed, especially on credit applications. Which is fine by me, because frankly I don’t have a lot of use for the things anyway.

After a great deal of internal debate and quite a bit of resume sending and offer receiving, I finally settled on doing 1099 work for a few select clients. I’m starting out with very part-time work and will keep it low-key through the summer, then start building the business up as we move into the early fall and the kids go back to school.

I don’t expect to be making a ton of cash doing it, especially not at first – but over time, I expect I’ll be making some really good money. If I can build up enough business, I might be able to upgrade myself to truly excellent money.

But for now, I want to keep it strictly part-time. The girls have some day camps and we found a neat summer program for Captain Adventure, one with both typically developing and special needs kids. I’ll have about four hours a day with no Denizens at all in the Den.

How weird will that feel?!

I just hope I can use that time wisely, you know, like, working or some junk…and not on, say, hanging out on Ravelry pretending I’m going to knit one of those gorgeous things people keep posting pictures of over there (seriously, I was on there for two hours last night looking for my next project), or laughing at silly cat pictures.


Unknown said...

Congratulations on finding money and flexibility! I was fortunate enough to be able to work flexibly for several years when my children were at home, and I don't regret it onw bit. Right now, I'm busy trying to finish out my years for teacher retirement, but I look back on that time with great satisfaction.

Lydee said...

congrats and good luck in your new venture!

Sara said...


I funded my way through grad school that way, and then ended up as a full-time data analyst ;)

patrice said...

Sounds like a great plan. Working at home is so convenient ... and can be so hard too, both for the interruption factor, and the fact that you are never away from your workplace. But I've always thought the benefits totally outweigh the negatives. Just don't forget to start saving your self-employment taxes and deposit them at least quarterly so you don't get a big bite on tax day. (Ask me how I know this could be a problem o.0 )

A. Klemmer said...

I've lived that life for 20-some years now, and I highly recommend it--particularly with youngish kids at home. Some years I made excellent money, some years half of excellent money. But I have spent more time with my family than anyone else I know has with theirs (and I have less stuff, a smaller house, etc.) and I'm so happy I did. An easy trade, it was. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new job. I am sure that the work won't be as hard as displaying the discipline to do it.
It is a win-win situation when you have small children and would prove very advantageous when and if you ever apply for a job in the "real" world. (Day to day is real and more important than leaving the home, I think.)
As for Ravelry -- you will still need to take work breaks.

Yarnhog said...

Hey, congratulations!

It's surprisingly difficult to actually work during the hours the kids are out of the house. It's such a prime time to clean, garden, grocery shop...knit, read, blog...

I work part-time at home and my husband works full-time at home. We go out to lunch a lot. :)

PipneyJane said...

Good luck with the new business, Tama!

A couple of thoughts have struck me that might be useful for lurkers out there (knowing you, you've already covered them): have you checked out your house and car insurance to ensure that your business activities are covered? At least the extra in the premiums will be tax deductible. (FWIW, I had to upgrade my car insurance so that the "business " trips I do are covered. Cost me a whopping £15.)

- Pam