Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Explains a lot, don’t it

Well, at the end of all things, Danger Mouse had a very satisfying 15 kids at her birthday party. Whew.

In Other News, when I started attacking asking other moms, you know, IF THEY WERE COMING OR NOT, I heard a curious thing again and again:

I tried to call, but your number was disconnected.

Now if one person had said this, I’d say, “Yeah, right.

Possibly even if two people said it. You know, it’s the Excuse Du Jour, right?

Then the pest control guy said the same thing, AND I got a note from someone who needed a bill paid with the same notation on it.

Turns out, our low-tech answering machine has been turned off for goodness knows how long. So if you call and we’re not home?

Ring…ring…ring…ring…{until you get tired and hang up}

If you call and we’re on the phone, you get a busy signal. This is apparently strange and wonderful and leads some people to believe the phone has been disconnected, because everybody else has call waiting and/or voice mail.

We used to, before we got tired of paying for it. Our phone bill went from $45-50 monthly to $17, after we removed all the voice mail and call waiting and long distance plans.

First they charged us $2.99 a month to have long distance in the first place. THEN they charged us ten cents a minute. Our new service charges us $0.02 a minute, period. No monthly fee, nothing. Our average long distance bill is something like $0.40. (Yeah. I’m a big phone-user. Ahem. NOT!)

ANYWAY. The party was great, and our answering machine is now turned on again.

And yes. I feel like a particularly gifted dufus.

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