Monday, May 12, 2008

Boldly, the noble hunter stalks her prey...

The hunter enters the room where the prey has gathered at the water hole shoe cubbies. Her weapon is out and ready. Using her mad skilz, she herds the prey into a, well, herd.

“Hold still!” she whispers.

The prey starts giggling and jostling. They nudge each other. The littlest one begins pulling all the shoelaces out of the shoes, his face hidden behind the desk.

“C’mon, guys, quit it. Just hold still for a second. One second,” the hunter pleads.

They scatter.

“Captain Adventure! Get down off of there! Danger Mouse, go get your brother. Boo Bug, where are you going? Come on, everybody, right here. OK. Great. Hold sti-…Eldest? Where are you going now?”

Boldly, the hunter plots Plan B.

“Look. All right. Come back…ARGH. Listen, I’m trying to…real quick…COME ON, I just need…hmmmmm…how to get these rotten kids to assemble in one place so I can get a picture of all four of them at the same time…I know!...ahem…FRONT DOOR, EVERYBODY! TIME FOR SCHOOL! FRONT DOOR!”

The hunter lurks, weapon at the ready, as they run wildly into the front room yelling, grabbing backpacks, explaining that in spite of having been told fifteen times in the last thirty minutes to put on shoes, they haven’t yet done so…

“Quick! Everybody look at me! LOOKIT ME! SMILE!!!! Say ‘HI GRANDMA!!!!!’”

The hunter pulls the trigger!!!!!!

There is a loud click! A flash of light! Aaaaaaaand…



You will note that they are still not holding still. At all. Two of them are still talking at once, Captain Adventure is trying to get to me so he can figure out how that flashy-thing works, and Boo Bug firmly believes that if a picture of her is taken where she is not hugging someone, the world as we know it will end.

But really. It does capture them rather well. Left to right: Eldest (10), Boo Bug (6), Danger Mouse (almost-8), and of course Captain Adventure (3.75) in the front.

Just call them my little Chaos Generators…keepin’ me busy, and laughing, and crazy, since 1998…


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Damn they're cute. I like that picture so much more than I would a perfect posed one!

Yarnhog said...

Great picture! That's the one that will end up in the photo albums when they're all grown up and they'll show their kids, "See? There I am with your aunts and uncle when we were your age!"

Lydee said...

Yes! Chalk one up for the hunter! Love the pic! Finally get to put a face to the names!

Anonymous said...

That's great. They are really cute kids - must take after their mom, right? :-)

Science PhD Mom said...

Very cute! And so fitting for their personalities too--sure to be a family favorite. And may I add, excellent blackmail photo for future dates when they are all teens!