Saturday, May 31, 2008

The cool thing about using Sweater Wizard

So, in spite of the fact that I’m not, you know, knitting-knitting right now on account of because I am doing some needlepoint instead because of that whole ‘eh, I just can’t decide what to knit’ thing (anybody still with me? I think I lost me somewhere in all that…nevermind…), in spite of all that, I have been making a cute little vest for Captain Adventure out of some Bernat Camouflage (Blue Frost colorway) I had lying around.

I used Sweater Wizard to make the pattern. This is an ultra-basic v-neck vest with absolutely zero interest challenge to it. I reasoned that I don’t have to do Challenging Things every single time just because I can, and that it might be kind of nice to just whump something out for a change – other than a sock.

I have four (4) socks on needles right now. Four. For heaven’s sake, Tama. “I’m not going to do any knitting for a while, I’m just going to rest the old ‘knitting brain’ and do some needlepoint instead! Except for the vest and these four sock patterns…”

I don’t pretend to understand me and suggest that you do the same. It is safer that way.


The cool thing about using Sweater Wizard to produce your patterns is this: When the pattern mysteriously vanishes, even though you are certain you left in This Certain Place last night?

You just reprint it.

Just like that. REPRINT!! And you’re ready to go again.

It’s even faster than re-copying out of the book. Which I’ve done for most projects I’ve worked ever since that dreadful time when Captain Adventure methodically tore half the pages out of my Folk Shawls book. {shudder}

And the one time I didn’t? With the Lillehammer project?

Oh yes, he did. In a fit of malice because I wasn’t being obedient to his every whim, the little @*&^@ grabbed my pattern book and tore it right down the middle.

Adorable child.

…do they take three year olds at military school…?


Kali said...

My cherished child was slated for the earliest possible admission to military school. You have another four years to go...

p.s. He never did end up in military school, although it was *this* close many times. However, as soon as he graduated from High School he joined the Army. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Ow...I'd forgotten the perils of preschoolers! One more benefit of having teenagers - they won't even dream of touching something as uncool as a knitting book. :-) Now if I could just convince them my beads are totally dorky, I'd be set.

Anonymous said...

I'm developing a rather saintly perspective of you as a Mom. Although there are still copies of "Folk Shawls" to be had and hidden (wry grin), "methodically tore half the pages out of my Folk Shawls book" makes my stomach clench a bit. My mother somehow let my little brother live when she found him standing on a chair in front of her china cabinet (I believe he was younger than 6 at the time) methodically dropping her fine smoked crystal wine/champagne/liquor glasses (beautiful things they were) one by one on the floor because he liked the tinkling sound they made. Yes, motherhood is the toughest job on the planet! Kiniacat