Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Things I Never Thought I’d Do

Item 3,716: Googling “Bright red rash anus yellow paste toddler painful bowel movement”.

I suspect with this, I have told you all about (and way more than you ever wanted to know about) my week so far. I’m about to take Captain Adventure to the doctor for a suspected anal yeast infection.

Have. You. Ever. Heard. Of. Such. A. Thing. In. Your. LIFE?!

But parents of male-type babies, be aware: if your son has been taking antibiotics for ear infections or strep or what-have-you, and he develops a persistent bright red rash right around his little anus (I hate that word, by the way), and then you notice a funky kind of pasty stuff ‘down there’?

It might be a yeast infection, just like we girl-types get, erm, a little bit north of that area under similar circumstances.

I had no idea boys could get that. Not that easily, anyway – I thought it would take more work to give a boy a yeast infection.

And, by the way, Item 3,717 on the list: Saying the words, “Anal yeast infection” into a phone.

Never thought I’d use those words together in a sentence like that, either.

The joys of parenting are truly without end…


Anonymous said...

I once had a guy tell me that they could get yeast infections, too, but nothing more specific. NOW I get it. Poor little fella, I hope it clears up soon!

Yogurt?? That's what they always say for the other kind, but I never know if you are supposed to eat it or apply it...

21st Century Mom said...

wow- my little guy had a sort of tearing around his anus (yeah, not a great word) when he was little. He had had a lot of ear infections which in those days always meant you fed your kid a bottle of amoxycillin. My doc didn't just say, "oh yeah", he put us in a room that clearly had a one way mirror and had another doc ask all sorts of questions - the kind they ask when they are looking for abuse.

You have a really good doc. Mine never told me about the anti-biotic connection. He just made me feel all creepy. Thanks for letting me off the hook- 19 years after the fact.