Friday, September 08, 2006

Lunchtime at last

I don't want to work today. I don’t know why. I couldn’t tell you why. I’m just…not in the mood. That my mood has no bearing whatsoever on the need for my ‘stuff’ to get done is beside the point: I would rather be knitting, or watching a movie, or cleaning the upstairs bathroom.

Seriously. This is how not in the mood I am. Toilet cleanliness is higher on my list of things I’d rather be doing.

Maybe my lack of interest has to do with the fact that I’ve had a Crazy-Mad week at work this week. Of course I did – it’s month close! Duh! ALWAYS a time of madness. Throw in the full moon last night and well. What do you expect?!

Maybe it’s because I’m having a sore week in the joint (no, not THOSE kind, the knee-hip-wrist kind!) department. Of course I’m having a sore week! Because this is a Crazy-Mad week! Murphy would not rest easy if I didn’t have every conceivable inconvenience piled upon me!

Speaking of which, Captain Adventure is either coming down with something, or his back molars are coming in. Fussy? ‘Fussy’ does not begin to cover it. He is downright irritable. To the point of screaming and kicking when you try to appease him. “Look, honey, here’s some nice cold juice! Let me hold you and rock you in our chair!” “No! INFIDEL! I shall not be so easily appeased!!! I shall slam my head on the floor, and I shall kick any who dare to approach…WHY AREN’T YOU APPROACHING?!?!?!”

All of which brings me to this:

What’s this? Well, it is the Most Boring Baby Blankie I Have Ever Knit™! It goes like this:

K10 border, K5, [K11, Slip 1] to last 15, K5, K10 border
K10 border, P to last 10, K10 border
Repeat until you grow old and die

It is actually a nice little blankie. There is nothing wrong with it, as a blankie. And the needles are nice and big, and don’t hurt my hands – a nice change from those wee little #3 needles I used for Captain Adventure’s sweater.


And it made me realize something: when I’m knitting for Stitches from the Heart, I tend to do very simple things. I do the 5 hour baby sweater, or any number of preemie patterns I’ve downloaded from the web. I do basic blankie patterns: squares, textures, simple things.

Why don’t I do the kinds of things I do for my family and friends? Why don’t I make this?

Or a couple of these?

Especially given that they’re constantly asking for toddler sized things. Why the blue blazes don’t I make them cool things?!

And then I realized: I feel a need for speed on these. I feel impelled to make more things, rather than cool things.

I further realized that this is rather stupid of me. They have a lot of knitters busily working to make things. So if I were to take longer to make cooler things, I sincerely doubt I will be reading headlines tomorrow about shivering babies dying due to a lack of donated hand-knits.

I really, truly doubt it.

So. After I get this box of The Usual out the door, I’m going to get me some decent busy-mommy-friendly (read as, machine wash/dry) yarn and fill the next box with Cool Things.

Who knows? Maybe it will rekindle my interest in working…you never know how the psyche will respond to things…

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