Friday, September 01, 2006

Budget Revision 5.0: Cancel Diet Program

Accomplished: Called and canceled our enrollment in the Sonoma Diet before the next quarterly renewal came due.

Monthly Savings: $22.00.

Boom! Fast and furious today! HA HA! HAVE AT YOU!!!!

This was a tremendous no-brainer. We haven’t actually been following this diet for a few weeks now. The recipes tasted fantastic, but were extremely unfriendly for those of us who don’t have an hour or more to devote to food preparation at each meal.

I’m not sure who does have the time for this diet. And I find it very telling that they are constantly sending me emails and splashing ‘helpful hints’ across their main member page insisting that it isn’t that bad, that I need to think about pre-preparing my foods, that if I just got up fifteen minutes earlier each morning I could so totally handle the extra time these meals take, that I deserve the extra effort, blah blah blah.

In other words…the time commitment involved in these recipes is the most frequently expressed complaint. And they want me to suck it up and walk it off.

No. No, I’m not going to do that.

I need to be able to jump into the kitchen, set things simmering and/or roasting, and be done in, say, half an hour. I generally start dinner preparation at 6:00. (I am also a crockpot addict, especially in Soup Season.) Sooooo, something that is going to take more than an hour to make? Is. Right. Out.

Ditto spending an extra hour in the supermarket looking for Kalamata olives (not found where black olives are found, but rather near spaghetti sauces) (but not WITH spaghetti sauces - just NEAR them), or bubba-bubba leaves (made that one up), or pergo-ergo grains (yes, made that one up too). Look, I'm sorry, I just don't have the time for that. I don't mind one or two "exotic" ingredients, but when I've got a list full of's a pain.

“Marinate for two hours in the refrigerator, turning frequently” “Put in oven for 2-1/4 hours” “set in strainer in fridge for 24-48 hours” “sauté for 25 minutes, stirring constantly” are keywords that lead to madness. And boxed macaroni and cheese being made instead. Or pizza delivery being called.

Even using their website was a time-consuming thing. They had no ‘click here to change all meals’ option. So let’s say I want to change everything to meals that take 30 minutes or less to put together. Scroll to Monday, change ‘breakfast’ to cereal. Save. Scroll back down to Monday. Change ‘lunch’ from six hour prep time ordeal to something fast. Save. Scroll down to dinner…lather, rinse, repeat, twenty-one times. It could take over an hour just to tweak their meal plan into something that I might have a prayer of actually accomplishing.

I will, however, buy the Sonoma Diet book. The recipes are fantastic, and well-worth the effort.

Just…not on a work night, when I’ve been working twelve hours straight trying to fix all the stuff that inevitably broke and THEN I remember that I was supposed to marinate the curséd roast for two hours turning frequently before putting in the oven for another two hours…at which point, we’ll be dining at 10:30…or, just having pizza, pizza works for me…

The Score Thus Far
SacrificeMonthly Payoff
Maid Service$400.00
Cable $45.00
Phone service $12.00
Wine Club $57.00
After School Care $950.00
Sonoma Diet $22.00
Grand Total $1,486.00

May be off the diet, but I'm still cookin’ with gas…


Very Herodotus said...

What were you actually getting for your $22 anyway? Just advice and recipes? Or is it something more personalized?

Mother of Chaos said...

Slightly more personalized - you were supposed to log in once a week and update your weight and other agonies, and then they'd tailor your recipes around how you were doing. They had recipes, advice, online support groups, an 800 number for live advice or would be great if I used it. But I didn't. So eh - why spend the money, if you're not going to use the service?

Unknown said...

We were on a crazy diet (that came with a looney-tunes personal trainer) for awhile. Yeah, we lost weight, but we HATED the food, hated the preparation, and hated the BSC trainer, who was using her program to suck you into Landmark Forum (aka EST).

We quit the whole thing when we both admitted that the diet was causing so much resentment that we were both secretly going out and getting Krispy Kremes when we thought noone was looking.

So we now are happier, and we're not blowing money on the BSC diet.

I think you'll do just fine. :)