Monday, September 04, 2006

My new best friend

My reward redemption cards finally got here (shriek!), and I was so excited I drove to the wrong store first (sigh).

But eventually, I collected myself enough to remember where the store was, drove over there, took a brief stroll through Michaels to prove to myself that yes, I can handle yet more deferred gratification and furthermore yes, Michael’s still has the worst yarn selection in the known universe and are still feeding their staff I Could Not Care Less About Anything But Scrap Booking pills, then walked next door to get my Roomba Discovery.

Oh joy!

My husband committed the ultimate marital sin of playing with my new toy while I was upstairs in the tub. He’s lucky to be alive right now. There I was, getting out of the tub, and I heard this noise from downstairs. What’s that? I asked myself. Oh no, ha ha ha, he’d never play with my Roomba before I’ve had a chance to play with it…and before it has had the full three hour charge mandated by the instructions, which I have read carefully TWICE…!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…fortunately for Himself, watching the Roomba work was captivating. I got distracted and then forgot I was mad.

I know that the game will get old eventually, but I spent a shocking amount of time just watching this little thing bumble around my living room yesterday. It found its way around a forest of chair and table legs, rocking horses, piano and harp benches – it was cool.

And, it cleans.

It really truly cleans.

I let it charge overnight and turned it loose in the Den kitchen/playroom zone while I made coffee this morning. The poor little robot – I’m sure it was wondering why $DEITY had put it on this earth to endure such suffering. Crumbs, dried macaroni and cheese, more crumbs, sand, dirt.

But it bravely muscled on. It cleaned and whirred and twisted and circled, flashing its blue ‘OHMYGAWD, WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE YOU?! FILTH! FILTH! FILTH! FILTH!’ light until finally, beeping with exhaustion, it limped its way back to its home base and sank gratefully against the recharging nodes.

The floor looked awesome. Better than it usually does after I sweep.

And it was all done while I was making coffee, putting together the chore list, and finishing the collar on Captain Adventure’s sweater.


I think I’m in love…


Unknown said...

I'd get one for our tile kitchen, but I'm afraid of what one of our dogs would do to it. They're very territorial. :)

Now if I could teach them how to fold laundry, we'd be all set!

Anonymous said...

OMG, it has a "home base"?
It really works that well??