Thursday, September 28, 2006


I want this sweater (picture taken from linked story):

That Laurie Looks So FAB!

No, I can’t go make it myself! *sheesh!* I want this sweater, don’t you understand? It is hand-dyed and hand-spun AND designed AND THEN knit by the lovely lady modeling it, and I can’t just go out and substitute yarns and try to figure out how she did it! Even though she mostly explained it. I am simply not bright enough to fill in the blanks. And also, my spinning stinks. And furthermore? I’ve never really done the hand-dyed thing.

{sigh of purest unrequited love}


{kick grass tuft}

…I just love this sweater so-so much…and I don’t think she’s gonna gimmie it…

{pout pout pout pout}

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Anonymous said...

Oh hush, of course you can do it!!

You can dye a heathered solid colour and ply it on itself.

You can buy a book from "Horst Schulz" or one of his pupils that explains how to create the elongated squares.

You can make a giant big drawing on the floor and match your pieces.

Plus, when a handspun yarn is knitted up, (slight) variations in thickness and grist are mostly hidden. Aaand.. if you make this sweater, your spinning will have improved so much, the next sweater you spin yarn for will look much more like Lauries yarns!


Uh.. well.. Hi, I'm Lene and I bloglined you last week when I found your blog via the Yarnharlot comments ;-)

I'm a big enabler and all for jumping head-over heels into something new, love to push people over the barrier of their own limited expextations and frequently do things I did not know I was capable of :-)