Sunday, September 03, 2006


My husband just called my eight year old into the office.

“Eldest! I need your help!”

So she comes trotting in, dewy with eight-year-old innocence, her ruffled pinafore wafting around here.

“What is it, daddy?” she asked, brightly.

And he told our eight year old, cool as a cucumber, butter not melting in his mouth, he looked her dead in the eye and said: I need you to help me cheat at my video game.


And appalled.

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Judy said...

I just wanted to tell you that we made your peach pie tonight for dessert. It was wonderful! I've never used tapioca as a thickener before, but since I have a box of it now, I'll be using it again. We didn't have lemon juice, so I made up some sugar-free koolaid that we did have, about 4x as strong as usual. Worked fine. ;-)