Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Warm, The Fuzzy, The Sticky, and Chocolate Trains

The Warm: From a lonely ball of baby alpaca in the stash, behold! A pair of fingerless gloves whumped out over the course of one movie:

My gloves

Being that I suffer rather horribly from cold hands throughout the day (it could be 90 degrees in the house, and my hands will feel cold), I'm already enjoying these tremendously.

The Fuzzy: Boo Bug is actually wearing her sweater!!

Boo Bug wears a sweater

The mittens are bunching up the sleeves a bit, but still. I have a picture of her in the sweater, and this makes me happy. Also, that is a happy birthday button from Disneyland, where she celebrated turning 5 a few weeks ago.

The Sticky: Captain Adventure loves his new train set. And also? He loves chocolate. And also? Marshmallow Peeps don't suck, either.

Chocolate Train

This episode caused me to dredge up a song I haven't heard in years and get it stuck in my head for days. Anybody remember this one?

The chocolate train rides on the candy track
The lollipop wheels go clickity-clickity-clack
Ding-dong-bell goes the gum drop bell
On the chocolate train

There's cotton candy coming from the stack
The freight cars carry crunchy crackerjack
Take a trip to candy land
On the chocolate train

The little train is on its way
To climb up ice cream mountain
It takes on water for its trip
From a great big soda fountain

I really need to stop humming this now. Really. It's so much worse than It's A Small World that even sitting down intentionally singing same does not get the chocolate train out of my head.

Being that this song is only two verses and a refrain long, it becomes extremely tedious. See, if I were to get, say, Little Musgrave stuck in my head? Well, I've got 28, 30, as many as 35 verses to work with. Fifteen minutes worth of song. But The Chocolate Train? Two, and one refrain.


Oh well. I guess it's worth it, for the sheer joy brought by chocolate, marshmallows and a Real Train Set With Remote.


21st Century Mom said...

Love the gloves! I brought back a bunch of those from Peru and they were a huge hit. I only wish I'd bought myself a pair!

Stephanie said...

No, but I have a couple of other candy-themed songs that I could help you get stuck in your head instead.

Oh, I'd rather suck on a lemon drop
Than to try my luck with a lollipop
'Cuz I always drop my lollipop
And it gets all over ... sticky!

Or Big Rock Candy Mountain

Or The Good Ship Lollipop

wrnglrjan said...

Five? Boo Bug is FIVE?

It. Is. Not. Possible.

Kris said...

My son also loves gerrio (ryhmes with cheerio) tracks.

Boston_Betty said...

I remember the Chocolate Train!!! I used to have the 45 and played it on my 'Close-&-Play' in the late 1960s. Anyone remember those? There was also another song about the days of the week: "Sunday, la, la, la Monday, la, la, la Tuesday, etc." and then "Seven days of fun, that's how the planet spins, round and round the sun, every week begins, with Sunday, la, etc." I actually bought a Chocolate Train 45 on ebay, but have nothing to play it on. I'd love to hear that old music again. Thanks for the memories.

Bird of Paradise said...

Remember this from Grade School on one of those 45 RPM Records

Bird of Paradise said...

Heard this on in Grade School when there ws still Phonographs in the Classrooms i had a little Phonograph at home with four speeds IT 16.33,E/345 & 78 it had the little adapter for the records with the Large Hole