Monday, January 08, 2007

Just how bamfoozled am I, you ask?

People. I want you to look at this picture. And then, I would like you to tell me: what do you think is the daily dose? Is it two? Four? Half a dozen? A fistful? Maybe an oodle or a peck?

One-one-ONE a day

Or might it instead be…one?

I bring this up as an illustration of just how exhausted/confused/distracted I am right now. Because this morning, I grabbed two of these, paused…and then began scanning the bottle for the dosing instructions because I couldn’t remember: was it one, or two?

Looking for dosing instructions on the bottle of ONE (1) A DAY vitamins.

Even though they tell me - TWICE! - right on the label. One. 1.

What do I need here, people? Do they need to call them One (1) (Uno) (Eins) (Ichi) (Moja) A Day?


Only fifteen (15) more years to retirement, people, only fifteen (15) more years...


froggiemeanie said...

At least you remembered to get the bottle out so you could take a few. I've had the same freakin' bottle of vitamins for what seems like eternity. It's the kids....they stole bits of our brains while they were in utero.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!

I am with Renee on this one, I totally blame the boy.