Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tuckered out

Monday was a busy day of frustrations (“Who restarted this job? Did I or did I not tell You People !NOT! to restart this job?! The job was 99% finished! Now it’s starting over! I could have had this whole thing over in, like, twenty minutes! But nooooooo! Now the job has truncated the table and it will be eight-nine HOURS before the data is re-pulled…!!!!!!@*^&@*^&@!!!!!!”) and wrestling data to the ground.

Tuesday was more of the same. Fie, feh, out upon it! Lots of stupidity all around. And also lots of very smart people trying to be helpful without realizing that their really clever solution is not meshing well with the Beavis and Butthead reality of the underlying process. It’s a lot like putting a Volkswagen Bug engine into a Porsche, you know?

Then today arrived. Today, everything was in place. Today was the day for rolling up the sleeves and getting the deals done.

My email outbox was like a semi-automatic rifle. BAM! BAM BAM BAM BAM!!

I sat back a few minutes ago, rubbing at my eyeballs and saying, wearily, “Hokay. What next.”

I have several things still on my task list. All of them are long, involved, cerebral monstrosities which will require many hours of uninterrupted thought. Feh. But, I chose one and decided that after I made a cup of tea and updated my timesheet, I’d go ahead and start that one.

Boiled water. Rubbed eyelids.

Measured tea. Yawned.

Realized I had used the tablespoon measure instead of the teaspoon measure for the tea. Cursed. (I love this tea. It’s another Boca Java product, Chai Beach. It’s what I consider to be ‘real’ chai – it is strong black tea, heavily spicy with orange and clove and other things. It reminds me of the chai I used to get at Renaissance Faire at Mullahs, which is a whole post-topic all its own.)

Stood staring out the window while the water heated. This is unusual for me, I’m usually way too twitchy to just…stand there. Yawned.

Fed the sea monkeys. Crouched down to watch them go nuckin’ futz with joy. Smiled.

Poured boiling water over tea. Muttered to self all the way back into the office: Lessee, I started on that one thing at 10:30, there was the phone meeting at 11:00 on that other thing, got back to the first thing at 12:00…

Then, I updated my timesheet. I am at 31 hours for the week. At 3:30, on Wednesday.

Holy carp. No wonder I’m perpetually yawning and my eyeballs are threatening to pop right out of my head and throw themselves into the sink in search of moisture!

I pondered for a long, long moment. On the one hand, if I keep working, I could potentially take Friday as an ‘available but not working’ day. Shoot. Half of Thursday, too.

On the other…I really am tired. My brain is cringing at the thought of dealing with what I need to deal with. My eyeballs are tired. My back is tired. My brain wants a time out on the thinking thing. My eyeballs would like to stare at some eye candy on TV. My back would like a cushy seat.

On second thought, I’m going to log out for the day, fling myself into my rocking chair, and turn the heel on my Sock In Progress while watching something lame on TV.

Sometimes telecommuting is better than potato chips, people.

Especially if you remember to turn the ringer off on the old cell phone...

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froggiemeanie said...

The knitting will make it alllllll better. Sleep would work too but knitting is a good first step.