Thursday, January 18, 2007

And also, I’m fired

I spent $48.50 at the supermarket today. I'm SO fired, people. What did I say? What was it? Something about...not going to buy stuff we don't need, try to just get milk and eggs, blah blah blah, something about USING WHAT I'VE ALREADY GOT before I whip through the supermarket like Barbie hitting the mall...

Six gallons of milk – needed it.
Six gallons of apple juice – needed it.
Bag of apples, bunch of bananas and bag of onions – I’ll call that needed.

But for the four quarts of cranberry juice, four whole chickens and the…other two things? I really have no excuse. Well. Except that the freezer is almost empty of meats and the chicken was on sale for $0.69 a pound and I just couldn’t stop myself. And cranberry juice is necessary for cosmopolitan martinis, which are all that stand between the Denizens and certain flaming death right about now.

And as for the other two things…


Look. It’s like this. Sometimes? A person just needs chocolate cake. And when the Universe cares to align itself such that a person who just needs chocolate cake happens to be in the supermarket when chocolate cake mix is on sale for a buck a box, to ignore the obvious Profession of Love from $DEITY would be like looking a gift horse in the mouth.

And I’d never do such a thing.

So I bought the stinkin’ chocolate cake mix, and thanked $DEITY very much for putting the end cap next to the pharmacy pickup.

Why I bought two, however…well. For that, I have no defense apart from the observation that it seemed natural that both of my two hands each grabbed a box. Upon reflection it might not have been my best possible move, but it is what it is.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go destroy the evidence clean the kitchen.



Lisa T said...


also, sorry about your impending strep infection

Rena said...

Fired as in, "Fired up and ready to buy cake?" Or fired in the other not so happy way.

Tomorrow is friday. Getting sick yet? Hope Captain Adventure is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, things local grocery had Cashew Roca on post-holiday sale for $1.75 a tin. I bought SIX. If you could make meth out of Cashew Roca, I'd probably be under investigation even as we speak.