Wednesday, January 10, 2007

ROFLMAO du jour

So, I just joined a Yahoo! group. Apart from Freecycle, this is the first such group I’ve ever joined. It’s Knitting 4 Children, and it looks like it’ll be fun. Charity knitting for hospitals – yessir. That’s my idea of a happenin’ party.


I got an email from the list, and it had a bunch of ‘sponsored links’. Charity donations…charitable organizations…knitting yarn…woodcraft…witchcraft


So I had to do it. I had to click on Witchcraft. And the following list of gems came up:

Have Other Spells Failed?
Our spells are guaranteed successful. We have spells for anything you could ever dream of. Visit us mortal and get a taste of real power.

Powerful Jane Mills Rebuilding Love
Jane Restores Love, Passion, Romance, Commitment. Stop Divorce Now.

Spell Casting by Andreika the Witch
Spell casting by Andreika, the most powerful witch of all. Her work is absolutely guaranteed, or your money back!

Witchcraft Secrets & Spells Revealed
Have you ever craved to have magic powers? Learn how to cast spells and rituals. 3 free spells for money, love and good luck.

Grandmas Ancient Witchcraft Secrets
How To Bring Love, Wealth, Protection, and a Flood of Amazing Miracles to Your Life using the Magick Energy You Were Born With. Follow the Simple Steps to Change Your Life Almost Instantly.


$DEITY save us from auto-generated ‘sponsored links’. If anybody ever wanted to know why I don’t do the AdSense thing…ta da!!! This is why. I would be well and truly pissed if something like this came up on my site as a ‘sponsored link’, instead of ‘part of a blog entry about how silly these things are’.

Hmm. I wonder if any of them could do a ‘yarn stash enhancement’ spell…

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Cargo & Lene said...

My previous blog ( also had / has those links in the sidebar. At one time, ads for, uhm, adult toys (from amazon) kept popping up! Another reason for changing provider *snickers*