Monday, January 22, 2007


Yes, that’s right. Fake swear words, right in the title bar.

I have NO shame, people. None.

This weekend, I meant to work on the paper overload, file some photographs, knit a bunch and clean the Den a bit.

Instead, I did a little knitting, less cleaning, and a lot of cuddling Captain Adventure, who added vomiting to his list of ailments this weekend.

To recap, the child has two infected ears, strep throat – now, with vomiting!!

He is miserable and clingy and I don’t blame him even one tiny little bit. His little life sucks right now.

Sometimes, I just want to go to bed and stay there until the whole thing is over.

Well. Apparently, my ten minute break from having him lying on me is now over. Right. Well, glad we had this little chat. Take care of yourselves and for Pete’s sake, if you’ve been anywhere need me, go take a bath in bleach, drink your Flu-Away and wash all your clothes in boiling water.


21st Century Mom said...

Poor little guy - I hope he feels better very soon for your sake and for his.

Your last post inspired me and I am now sitting in a chair surrounded by old papers pulled out of file cabinets. They all need shredding. I hate shredding paper! If I worked in an office I would sneak all this stuff in and dump it in one of those big locked bins that goes to the commercial shredding place. Alas, I'll have to do it myself. Thanks for the inspiration, though!

Moira said...

Well feel better soon!! and drink your water, airborne, vitamins whatever so you don't end up with the same things..