Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Just when I thought it was an all bad kinda day…

Today has pretty much totally sucked, right out the gate. I had a slightly too marvelous time with the kids this morning, which means we dawdled a bit on the whole drop-off thing, which meant that it took me half an hour longer to get back to work this morning. Which doesn’t sound like much, but somehow threw off my groove for the whole day.

Then, I had my status meeting with the boss, and learned shortly thereafter that I had done a boo-boo, which here means, used the wrong table and, naturally, sent the results out.

{slaps forehead as hard as possible}

It’s things like that which make staying at home baking cookies and whining about the laundry oh-so-appetizing.

And then I had an utterly unproductive morning, followed by a painful dentist appointment, in turn followed by a haircut that is best described as ‘eh’ – about the best I can really say about it is that at least my bangs are now not completely covering my eyeballs.

So. I’ve got that going for me. May look like a drowned rat otherwise, but at least I am a clear-eyed drowned rat.

The afternoon has been frustrating and now I’ve got two (2) meetings tomorrow and someone else is emailing me about something else entirely and I just really don’t wanna deal with it and suddenly I’m remembering that I still need to take the trash out and put something together for dinner and why did I think I wanted to go back to work?!?!

I decided that, before I did something really stupid (like shoot back an email that says, “why the %*@& do you think I care, asshat?!” to the nice really-not-an-asshat-but-bugging-me-on-the-wrong-day guy who doesn’t know I don’t care and can’t be expected to care and aren’t PAID ENOUGH TO CARE), I’d better come up for air. So I walked out and got my mail.

In it was my PG&E bill.

My PG&E bill is not normally the kind of thing that makes me happy. Oh no. Quite the opposite. My ongoing war with PG&E is very well documented.

Those of you not blessed with PG&E for your gas and electric service may not know about their current incentive. If you can cut your gas usage by 10% between January 1 and March 31, you’ll get a 20% rebate on all your gas charges for that same period.

I will confess that I have been largely ignoring this incentive, because they ran a similar one for electricity over this summer, and I sweat and panted and hated life trying to cut down our electricity usage and didn’t make it. It pissed me off, and I resolved to simply ignore PG&E and their stupid incentive programs, because they are obviously designed for people who customarily set their air conditioners to 69 during the summer, who could shave 20% off their usage merely by going to 71.

But I looked at the back of my bill today and noticed that we’ve decreased our usage by 23% so far. We’re halfway through the program, things are warming up out there and we don’t need the heater as much and we’re already down by 23%.

Hot. Dog.

By my calculations, we should be getting somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 back.

Doesn’t exactly make up for the ‘eh’ haircut, but throw in a martini (or two) and it just might be an OK day after all.

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Very Herodotus said...

The only way I ever successfully lowered my power bill (BGE, not PGE) was to completely replace my 15-year-old heat pump with a new energy-efficient one. Cut my power usage IN HALF!!