Friday, February 03, 2006

Happy happy joy joy!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!

You are reading a message from a woman who is officially going to be telecommuting two days per week starting…when? When was that starting? Did we say 'by April'? Did we say 'perhaps as soon as March'?

Did we say…next week?


There are several reasons I am excited about this (duh, who wouldn't be?).

First of all, while it was part of the deal from the get-go, the timeframe was quite a bit further out. It was supposed to be more of an "April" thing. Having it pushed up to only two weeks after I started the job is…well…it's cool.

I don't have to get my kids up at the Crack of Dawn™ so I can catch the last train out of town. I can get them up at a reasonable hour instead. I can work for two hours before they "must" get up.

I take them to school, and come home. I lose about half an hour, tops, of billable time.

I then work for eight hours (or so) (ok, we all know I'm going to work nine or ten, but let's pretend for a minute that it will be eight).

THEN, I have plenty of time to start dinner, maybe rotate the laundry, that kind of good stuff before I go to get my children from daycare – an hour or two earlier than 'usual'.


Not to mention…I don't have to spend $6.20 on Train #1, nor do I have to spend $9.90 on Train #2. Saving money, yippee!! Also, I can wear my jeans and t-shirts, saving me on hand washing / dry cleaning, yippee!

AND, the boss has no qualms with telecommuting more. Three, four, five days a week, only come in for meetings or when I feel the need? Let's talk, he says.


I knew I liked my new boss, but I hadn't realized how handsome and charming he is…

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Very Herodotus said...

How great!!! I would love to telecommute, and while the option is there for me at my company, alas I live in the country and have no high-speed internet. Dialup is just agony, and so slow that I don't even bother.

Enjoy your serenity!