Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh nos!!!

Look! Look at what is all over my peas!!



This is one of the banes of the San Joaquin gardener: powdery mildew. I've been afraid of this ever since the rain started...warm weather + persistence dampness = powdery mildew HEAVEN.

Last weekend, I cut off a dozen infected leaves. Tonight, there isn't an uninfected one in the whole patch...and two plants were like this.

Past gray, all the way to rusted.

(sad face)

Oh well. Time for the weekly neem oil routine...hopefully, it isn't too late for this poor little patch...

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Anonymous said...

Sprinkling ground cinnamon over the plants will take care of the powdery mildew. Cheapie stuff-mart .50 a bottle cinnamon is fine. I've used it successfully on my squash/cukes and other viney things that the powdery mildew likes to take over in the summertime.

Lisa A.