Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 3

This - the whole "no TV / computers / video games thing - is DEFINITELY harder on me than anybody else in the Den. Even Captain Adventure is making a faster adjustment to the New World Order than me.

Last night was hellish for him. Tonight was merely token whining, followed by vigorous playing with sisters...while I had to keep lecturing myself with many cheerleading phrases like "Eyes on the prize" and "bedtime starts at 8:00, how hard could it possibly be to get through the evening routine in, say, ten minutes, so I can flip on my laptop..."

And suddenly it's 10:00 and MY bedtime and did I ever get my laptop turned on?


Instead of blogging this morning on the train, I knitted. And did it again on the way home. And now the body of the little sweater is done and tomorrow, I sleeve.

But tonight, I need to go to bed. Computer-less, and without a comforting (or not) glance at my stocks, or a scan of my VERY over-enthusiastic spam-catcher (it has two settings: kill just about everything, or invite every Spambot we know to the party).

No news. No CSI:Anywhere.

I KNOW. It's barbaric.

But somehow, I suspect I will actually survive.


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Marty52 said...

We have begun leaving our TV off on the weekends and on the nights we don't have any shows we watch. We are getting much more done than before... hang in there!