Friday, April 16, 2010

Also not safe...

Can you even tell what this is?!

It's my weekly contribution to the local economy. The fact that it may APPEAR to be a gluttonous orgy in the form of BBQ tri-tip smothered in hand-crafted BBQ sauce from the eternally awesome heaven's portal of Shorter's BBQ in Tracy is just an illusion. I didn't get this for ME, so that I could devour its tangy-smoky-sweet-n-spicy goodness like a starved pig.

No, it is purely because I am ALL ABOUT the revival of the local economy.

Because I am noble that way.

(This thing is SO not safe for work. If IT knew I'd had this thing within 500 feet of my corporate laptop, they'd probably escort me from the building...) (wait...can they do that when I'm working from home...?)

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