Wednesday, April 28, 2010


OK, it's still blurry. You'll have to take my word for it: that's newly sprouted broccoli. So tiny! I still marvel that a plant which will ultimately produce a crown bigger than both of my hands cupped together, and which will be as tall as my hip and so wide around I can barely embrace it (what? I like broccoli...) starts out as a seed so small they're difficult to handle (though not as bad as carrots that way), and sprouts as a tiny little clover a camera has trouble focusing on it.

Going well out there tonight. The diva carrots are popping up, more broccoli has shown up, all four hills of summer squash have signs of life, as do the beets and spinach between them.

Unlike the laundry, the garden is a lovely chore to come home to...

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Nancy FP in Ferndale said...

Oh dear, this must mean (since you are south of me) that I must start thinking of getting stuff in the ground! What'll it be this year? What with harvesting and canning, I try to grow lots of one crop every few years, and can enough for a few years. That way I'm not canning lots of different stuff every night. At least that's what the plan looks like on paper. The beets that were to be canned last year didn't do well, so I ended up with small amounts of other stuff. HOW does one "put up" broccoli? Seems like it would turn to mush if canned. I may invest in a dehydrator. Anyway, thanks for the reminder to GET GOING!