Friday, April 30, 2010

Huff…puff…gimmie a second here…whew…!

I just got back from Costco. Which is pretty much a “nuff said” anyway because we all know how Costco is, right? Yeah. Well. This is the first time the staff at Costco has actually commented on the sheer volume of stuff I was buying. I had one of those hand trucks stacked clear up to “here” with everything from milk to meat. From the cashier’s assistant to the door guard, seemed like everybody I crossed paths with had eyebrows raised clear into their hairlines and some pithy comment along the lines of, “What are you, nuts?!” on their lips.

But, now I have everything I need for my insane list of cooking this weekend. How insane? Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and dessert for six people for two months.

Crazy…but of course, that’s why I scheduled these long weekends scattered throughout my contract at MegaBank, so that I could restock the freezer, get the Den back in something resembling good order, take care of any business needs that have been idling because I’m too busy to deal with them, fix anything that broke, upgrade anything that needs it, preserve harvests and try to keep us saving money by doing as much as we can for ourselves.

The temptation is strong to just put all of that kind of stuff on the back burner while I’m working. I’ve got a paycheck and the bone-deep exhaustion to prove I earned it, after all, hardly seems fair to have to bake my own bread from scratch so I can have a sandwich. But having just taken the family to fast food this week because I deserved a night off from All That and paid thirty bucks for stuff that I suppose was food (although I’d like to see the technical specs on that because I’m not sure it actually was)…paying more for one meal than I usually pay for a week’s worth of dinners…well.

It won’t do us a whole lot of good if half my take home pay starts going to food instead of strengthening our position.

And so, dear friends…I’m off to my kitchen. To slice and dice, marinate and bake, knead and shape, measure and freeze.

To the kitchen…away!!!!!!


Kate said...

Wow. Just...WOW.

Pictures I want (no, make that *demand*) to see:
1)The pile o' supplies
2)Your kitchen in the midst
3)Your freezer, full up of good new food (how big is that freezer, anyway?)
4)You relaxing, drink in hand, when it's all over :-)

You are amazing! :-)

PS>How do you store that much, anyway? Do you have a bazillion 9x13s? Or only pre-prepare things which will survive in a gallon Ziploc?

Marty52 said...

Such planning! I, too, would like to see pictures. I tend to do the same thing as you, only on a much smaller scale. It's just the two of us now, our 3 boys are on their own, but I cook extra on the weekend so I have meals through the week. It works pretty well for us! Good luck and do have some fun in there! ;0)

Lisa said...

Yeah, pics!! You're an inspiration. My husband is out tilling up a garden patch for me right now. (Sorta, anyway. The tiller's a little dull.) And it's because I'm so jealous of your wee plants.

Rock on with the cooking/stocking up scheme! Keep on inspiring the rest of us slobs out here!

Science PhD Mom said...

Good luck!! I hope you get more done than you think you can, with fewer hiccups and quicker than you thought possible. :)

Unknown said...

As much as I want to see the pictures, I really REALLY want to see the list of what you made. I need some inspiration...I am not domestic.

Steph B said...

Wow. You are amazing. I think I want to be you when I grow up.