Wednesday, March 17, 2010

And then ohmyGAH it was all...

Starting the heel. Ooooh, the EXCITEMENT!

We had a talkie-talker this morning on the train. A giggly OHmyGAH are you SERIOUS oh ya-huh no WAY so then I was all like Nuh-UH-er.

Swear to $Deity, she actually made me tired...

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Unknown said...

sorry you had to listen to that chatter. Pick a new seat or mumble under your breath - that usually keeps people away. :-) (This I remember from when I lived in "the city" - Now I and my trusty companion Annie, a corgy-doxie mix, have a 10 minute commute from my house in the boonies through cow pastures into my lovely slow-paced Victorian town where I work for the city.)
Nancy FP in Ferndale