Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The things you find...

Wow...from, like, last February?! I just found this in a very cool cotton bag, UNDER the husband's (also unfinished) Lillihammer sweater in my knitting caddy. This cute little bag just needs its straps grafted together, a thorough blocking, and a lining put into it (whoops...sounds like sewing...hmmmm...).

Also, there is a Significant amount of Palette left over from this project. Maybe a Fair Isle style tam?

(Girl...one project at a time, please...)

(Still feeling pretty crappy today. Having trouble maintaining sense of humor. As long as I take too much Vicodin/Motrin and then stay PERFECTLY STILL, I'm almost OK. Try to sit at the computer and think, or rotate the laundry, it's throb-a-pahlooza. Feh. Want instant fix. Want it yesterday. Don't care about your "blah blah drive infection into blood stream", just PULL this bleepin' thing! Hand me those pliers, I'll show ya how we handle this sorta thing out hee-ya in Crazy Town...)

(can you tell I just sat down again after moving around? Ooooh yeah, the pliers are looking a lot less scary than they usually would...)

(focus on the pretty little bag, Tama...such a sweet pattern, just needs a little grafting to be off the needles...you can handle grafting six stitches together, even while on Drunken Monkey Pills, right...?)

(because seriously - coherent thought and I are apparently not on speaking terms today...I hate Vicodin sooooo much, even when I'm ever-so-grateful for it...)

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ccr in MA said...

That bag is so pretty! Maybe looking at it will help distract you: look deeeeep into its eyes!

I hope you feel better soon. You're so due to!

Lisa said...

I am so sorry you're going through this, and can't think of a single thing to say that might make you feel better, except that I hope the meds knock down the infection & swelling soon!

Very Herodotus said...

Oh wow that's pretty!