Monday, March 22, 2010

Fun and Excitement, now with Better Antibiotics

Needless to say, I called the dentist (actually, I called an endodontist, which is the dude who specializes in root canals and other “pulp” related problems, but if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck…) (also, ‘dentist’ is easier to spell than ‘endodontist’, just sayin’) this morning. We discussed how things had gone over the weekend and there was some frantic activity and eventually we came to come conclusions about what-all is happening now and what will happen soon.

We moved my surgery date up to next week instead of week-after-next. We could not, however, move it up any further because he can’t do the surgery while things are so puffy and oozy in there. That’s right. I have to get better before I can have surgery. Oh, irony…

To which end, they upgraded my antibiotic to something I’ve never taken before. It is rather expensive, but according to theory it should actually kill 99% of all germs and bacteria in my body within the first twelve hours of taking it. Including the “good” ones, so I can expect some (ahem) fun and excitement in the intestinal department over the next few days. Good times!

Then they told me I need to stay close to home until I have my surgery, or at the very least until we get the infection under control. If the infection migrates out of my jaw into my body we could have things go really bad really fast; and, the side effects of the medication can apparently hit really hard without warning.

I suspect being on BART between Dublin and Castro Valley at the time would be…bad.

I have to admit, they’ve made me really nervous about taking this stuff. The list of “expected” side effects is crazy-long, and then there’s also a long list of “stop taking this immediately and call your doctor if” stuff, and then there’s also a shorter but scarier list of “if this happens, call your funeral home immediately to make arrangements because wow, are you ever screwed” stuff.

But then again, the list of scary around not taking it is even, well, scarier. Not surprisingly I’m pretty focused on just the pain part of the whole ordeal, but the infection all by itself is a pretty gnarly one. It has probably been bubbling away in there for quite a while, too – thanks to the stuff I take for my back and hip, things whose warning signs include “inflammation pain” are going to get a pretty good head start before I’m going to catch them.


It just seems so…unreal, though. Last week Monday, I felt great. No more cold, no more sinus headache, all the Denizens finally back to school after a week of one or more of them home with some variety of scrounge…awesome.

I only made the appointment for myself on my day off as an afterthought – I was making appointments for them, and then I thought, oh yeah, I should probably see someone about this and that and the other thing too…

Can’t put the off forever, these things. I need to have a whack of fillings replaced, and the implant needs a skin graft done around it, and I have a cracked crown that should be replaced.

I expected to spend part of Friday all numbed up with some new fillings glistening from my poor old teeth…but able to head out into the garden afterwards, and to spend the rest of my four day weekend working on all the things I had planned.

Spending the whole time, plus an extra day tomorrow, lying around unable to even knit…was really not part of the plan.

Neither was yet another two unpaid days “off” in the same pay period for surgery and recovery next week. Fie.

Still. Even though I’m not particularly happy about the whole thing, I still feel like one of the lucky ones. My husband is around to take care of me and the kids while I’ve been indisposed. He is able to work from home today and tomorrow, the window where the chances I’ll need someone to run me back to the endodontist or the hospital are highest.

And my income isn’t needed for our most basic expenses – losing these days sucks, but it doesn’t mean we’ll be falling behind on any bills or having to eat grass clippings or anything like that.

Oh well. If I get a good tailwind on this thing, maybe I’ll feel so much better tomorrow afternoon that I can get out there and get those tomatoes into the ground where they belong. They’ve been hardening off all weekend (I got that done, anyway), so all I need to do is get out there, clear out the rest of the three beds…dig 160 holes…cut apart the trays and drop each tomato plant into its hole…pack the dirt back in…and…ugh…you know what? I think I need to go lie down again…

(The “new” pea bed is exploding with pods! EXPLODING! There must a thousand of them out there, swelling up…they’re delicious, too, little juicy-sweet bursts of pure goodness…also, Captain Adventure loves to pick carrots, and has become quite the expert at picking out the ones that are ready to be picked… “Get him DAT wun, mom-MEH! Him is a gud car-wot!”) (Still won’t eat the carrots, mind you, HAHAHA, ‘tis to laugh, but he thoroughly enjoys the picking process…)


Kere said...

Hopefully this new scary antibiotic will help! It seems that everyone and their dog (literally!) around me are having tooth/infection issues right now. Except my sister, but she's concentrating on car accidents this month. After all the horror stories lately (including mine!) I am never ever holding off on a visit like this again!

sungld said...

Sending support, hope it helps. I still love that you are able to write about it all, and with humor.

Rena said...

Do not make me come down there and tie you to your bed, young lady! Rest!!!!!!!!!!

love you sis

Lisa in western MA (NP) said...

Sounds like good and necessary progress! I hope they told you about probiotics (to help repopulate the gut and prevent those intestinal side effects) ... run, do not walk, to your nearest pharmacy or health food store, and take them in between the antibiotic doses. Hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Man...I have been there. Nothing to fool around with. I hope that the antibiotics calm that sucker down so that it can go bye bye. I got carried out of the dentist chair by nice firemen when I got really sick. Not fun at ALL. You take it easy.

ccr in MA said...

Oh, yikes. I wish you all the best from here on in, especially in terms on not needing to consult any of those side-effect lists again.

And do I envy you the peas, oh do I!

Lon said...

Yay for better (if scarier) antibiotics!