Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost ready for solid food!

Heh…the things you don’t think about when life is just going along the way it usually does. Things like chewing, for example. Or being able to reach down to tie your own shoe without having to lie down for a second to let the throbbing subside.

This new antibiotic may have some (ahem) unpleasant side effects and all, but apparently it works. I was a little worried when I first woke up, but a “mere” three Motrin and some coffee later I felt more than able to sit down and get back to work!

…which is another thing you don’t think you’d feel happy about, you know, “Oh goody, I can totally spend the next eight to ten hours working, yay!” is not generally high on most lists…but it feels pretty awesome right now!

My big worry right now is my short term memory loss and documented history when it comes to remembering to continue to take medications when I’m not being poked in the backside by symptoms. Now that things are settling down and I’m getting back to my passes-for-normal routine, I’ll have to be very careful that I don’t forget to keep dosing up every six hours.

…granted, the side effects of the medication may help me to remember because heh-heh, yeeeeeeeah…this stuff is, like, the chemotherapy of antibiotics. The production line motto on this stuff must be something like, “Kill them all and let the body sort it out.”

But it surely is nice to be able to think about the possibility of maybe eating solid food again, at some point.

Even if what my digestive system chooses to do with it afterward may be a little on the scary side…


Lisa said...

You may know this already, but run and get a box of Acidophilus Pearls and take AT LEAST two a day, maybe even three. They won't hurt you, and may stave off the worst of the issues from the antibiotics.

Kris said...

Your posts about tooth pain are hitting home for me. I'm currently on my second dose of antibiotics and slowly adding solids back... got to each broccoli soup tonight!!

I hope you'll be back to Normal Chaos soon;)

Louiz said...

Yoghurt. Greek yoghurt. It's nice and soft as well so won't hurt your tooth.

I like to add it to cereal for breakfast but then it's commonly accepted that I'm weird like that!

corinne said...

Yes - probiotics - they help your body keep the good bacteria. Strange thing - I just had this conversation with my sister last night (her telling me that probiotics are what saved her thru her many bouts of antibiotics).

Feel better soon!