Friday, March 26, 2010

Frugal Wooly Board

I need a wooly board. Seriously. Actually, arguably, I need several of them - it isn't that unusual for me to have four or five or six sweaters lying around drying. They could all use being blocked as they dry.

But I don't own a wooly board because every time I see that $100+ price tag on it, I choke up a little and back away. (Same thing goes for sock blockers. I'm actually trying to get my husband to help me on that - I see no reason why we can't take a wander through the hardware store, find Something Suitable, and make a few sets in various sizes ourselves...I mean, sure, paying $14 for A blocker isn't that big a deal, but this week's laundry, there were SIXTEEN PAIRS of hand knit socks in sizes ranging from Wee Little Boy to Mr. Size 11 dangling all over the house! It would be nice to be able to slip them onto blockers to dry, don't you think? But I'm not paying $$$$$$$$ for sock blockers, nor am I going to wash one or two pairs a day in the sink or something when they are made of MACHINE WASH yarn. But I digress.)

Check out this pattern for a "frugal" wooly board! Out of PVC!

My husband...he is King of PVC.

He could totally make this. Probably with stuff he's already got out in the shed because...heh heh...yeah. He breaks so much PVC out in the yard? He practically buys the stuff by the truckload and stores it...because he WILL need it, oh yes, he WILL need it...


LNS said...

I am a big fan of the bendy-coat-hanger, bent into desired foot shape, as sock blockers. They even hang up nicely with the hook (you know, their original purpose, ha!). The flimsy ones from the drycleaners are perfect for this.

marit said...

I just hang the socks on the line...I didn't even know what sockblockers was before I started reading blogs a few yaers ago! The socks may look crumpled when they are dry, but they stretch ut as soon as they get on my feet:-)

Louiz said...

Glad you're really on the mend.

Sock blockers could be made from pvc. I rarely use mine though. I just wash 'em, lay them out carefully on my mesh drying thingy (technical term, that) and when I come back to them they're dry and shaped.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful wooly Board! I just ordered the pattern. My husband is fairly interested in making it. When I mentioned that the other ones I found were $140, he got much more interested! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't sock block either. Just drape them over the rods on my drying rack. The top part is usually occupied by a sweater. Don't block those either. They turn out fine.