Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Self-Employed, and my boss is an evil @*^&@

I knew this was going to happen. I haven’t been working for two full days people, and already I am THIS CLOSE to quitting!

My boss? She is an evil @*^&@.

Demanding, exacting, nagging…it just never ends.

Try to sit down for a minute to do something not-working like, she immediately she’s all up in my face. “You should be emailing Contact Person.” “You need to download the quarterly tax forms.” “You need to triple check that the lady at the city wasn’t wrong about the permit non-requirements.” “Did you add that section to the manuscript yet, the one we were thinking about yesterday?”


It never stops with this evil @*^&@.

It. Never. Stops.

She never sleeps! Never! She’s always nagging-nagging-nagging!

Two o’clock this morning, she starts poking me in the self-confidence and hissing at me.

Did you do this? Yes. What about that. Yes. How about whatnot? Look, whatnot won’t be due until the end of freakin’ September, it can wait!

“Oh, this is your attitude?” she says. Her close-set, pig-like eyes narrow and her mouth closes up like she just sucked in a gin-soaked pickled onion. “So you think that you’ll just have all the time in the world come September? You won’t be busy with other things, like, I don’t know, MAKING MONEY?!”

THEN she starts with the rattling-off of the client list.

We’ve already got a signed contract with Company #1, and THAT project with Company #2 is ‘under consideration’ which as we both know means that it is on hold only until the next budget release at the end of June, and so-and-so from this bank expressed “great interest” and of course Madame X from Agency Y is thrilled that we’re back on the scene and is already sending Possibles our way AND in case you’d forgotten you have a manuscript due soon…AND YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST SIT HERE IN THESE QUIET MOMENTS BEFORE THE WIND HITS THE SAILS AND IT WILL ALL JUST BE HUNKY-DORY COME SEPTEMBER?!?!

Honestly. Like I won’t be able to find half an hour to fill out a two page form between now and the end of September.

I hate her. She is an evil, evil @*^&@, and I hate her so much.

It would serve her right if I quit. Right here, right now. Just quit. Said TAKE THIS JOB AND SHOVE IT, and walked right off to a new career of doing nothing but sulking, the end.

{Long. Suffering. Sigh.} {With eye rolling. And sulky mouth pout. And crossed arms. Also, I am slouching like a teenager. Nyah!}

Now. If you’ll excuse me, I need to fill out a stupid two page form about myself for an entity who already said it doesn’t need it until the end of freakin’ September at the earliest.

…evil @*^&@...


Yarnhog said...

I work for myself and spent all night dreaming that I screwed up a big project and got fired. What the heck is going on in my psyche? I mean, aside from stressing about the meeting I have today, where I'm hoping not to make a fool of myself in front of my boss.

Anonymous said...

You're not giving me much hope, love. I'll be self-employed come August, and I suspect that my boss will also be, ummm, somewhat inflexible...

RaplhCramden said...

I have to admit it took me until looking at the comments to realize you are your own boss. I mean its not like the title of this entry might have clued me in or anything! So much for any comments on dealing with an @224*! boss. Or maybe you DO need those comments?

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Better watch her, she sounds a devious sort. :-)

joan said...

If your children won't starve and you will still have a roof over your head. Tell her to stuff it and walk. Life is to live...You are at this point not living just existing.


Anonymous said...

This may come as a shock, but your boss has a sister in Atlanta, and sadly, I work for her. She is making me crazy and I secretly have a list of all the ways I expect to torture her before I have to kill her. I'm on Item #84 as of high noon today. Hang in there. I just keep telling myself that Karma is a mean and hateful bitch and Boss Woman will get hers one day.

Mary said...

I'm also self-employed and my boss is a real @#$%*. She always is looking over my shoulder, and she thinks I'm always talking about her, sooo neurotic!