Monday, June 30, 2008

How I got the music file up (yay!)

OK, the way I put the tune up was pretty straightforward.

First, I opened a free account at to hold the file. I’m not currently planning to upload a whole lot of files, but if I suddenly found I wanted to host a regular podcast or something (yeah right, because I’m just so bored around here right now, I could totally add writing, recording, publishing and promoting a regular podcast to the list…) their monthly charges for upgraded services seemed pretty reasonable to me.

Then I uploaded the music file. Super easy. Once I figured out how to get it into the computer. Ahem. Yes. Let us draw the veil of decency over that spasm of technology-impairedness, shall we?

Moving on.

Then, I turned on the ‘embed links’ function in Blogger; you could also simply provide the URL in a blog post using the a href= command we know and love so well. I wanted to use the title link, though, because it comes through in the RSS feed as an ‘enclosure’ – so if you only read through the reader, you can still get to it by clicking on the little ‘enclosure’ thing there.

And that was that! Super easy!


Yarnhog said...

You lost me at "I opened a free account". I'll take your word for it and just go listen to the music. Assuming I can figure out how.

Janyne Kizer said...

Love your blog. tagged you a lunch today. Don't feel that you have to respond though.