Friday, June 06, 2008

OK, see, THIS is what I’m talking about…

How easy is it to do things with the kids underfoot? Well, it usually goes something like this.

I just went downstairs to put the bread into the oven. The middle two are downstairs playing a game that involves many, many changes of clothes and high-pitched pretend voices.

As I was coming down the stairs I thought, What’s that smell?

I realized PDQ that I’d left the tin foil I’d used to catch the inevitable apple pie drippings in the oven, so when I heated it up to 450 for the bread – it had blackened and was putting forth a lot of smoke. Ugh.

When I opened the oven, a huge puff of smoke roiled out.

“OH, LOOK!” shrieked Boo Bug. “Danger Mouse, LOOK! It’s SMOKE!”

“WHOA, COOOOOOOOL!” yelled Danger Mouse. “Quick! GET IT TO THE SMOKE DETECTOR!!!!!”

And then the two of them began waving their arms, and pillows, and anything else they could reach, trying to move the smoke from the kitchen out to the smoke detector in the hall.

Charming, ain’t they?!


Lydee said...

oh yeah, anything for a little excitement.

Judy said...

They sound absolutely normal to me. LOL. Enjoy them, they will be grown before you know it.


Ms. Packrat said...

I'd say that's a great justification for sending them to that hated sports week ...

Threeundertwo said...

LOL! I just found your blog. Love it.