Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Hero!

OK, so, there’s this preschool show called Higgleytown Heroes {warning: music will play}. Obviously, for the last year it hasn’t been a part of my life – no Denizens have been home when it’s on and for some inexplicable reason, I haven’t put it on for my own entertainment. (Can’t imagine why not.)

Today, Boo Bug (who got up ridiculously early) and I watched an episode.

So they had this ‘biggest tallest longest’ festival. And they wanted to have the longest scarf. So Grandma whipped out her knitting needles (ok, see, they had my attention right there) (and by the way, Grandma knits faster than a machine) and started making the scarf.

Then she ran out of yarn.

“Someone special, who could it be…this job’s too big for you and me…we need help but never fear-o! This is a jooooooooob…for a HIGGLYTOWN HERO!”

And who should burst through the door but a shearer, with a sheep clutched under her arm. With an Aussie accent, no less!


I watched a guy shearing last year and was so impressed it made me wish I had sheep. Or perhaps made me willing to entertain the (passing) fancy of keeping sheep. Because this guy was not only extremely good with the animals, but took that fleece off them with beautifully precise passes. I watched him do four animals (one of them extremely nervous) without a single nick AND YET without massacring the fleece to the point where it is useless to a spinner, hand or mill.

MY HERO!!!!!


You know we of the Woolly Faith have ‘arrived’ when our heroes make preschool programming. BOOYAH!


Amy Lane said...

OKay...you liked that? Then you'll totally get a kick out of the DIRTY JOBS episode when the hot guy (Steve Rowe) goes to a Nor-Cal al-paca farm and shaves a critter... talk about a swooning fibergasm, mama was in heaven! (Here in HIggleytown...things all j ump around...just like a higgleytown heroes...)

Beth in WI said...

I thought you were going to say the LYS owner! LOL

WELL. While you are tuned into kidly shows, look for the knitting in Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode where Donald is turned into a frog, and an episode of The Upside Down Show. I take 'em where I can get 'em. (Sometimes we just admire Mister Rogers' mother's cardigan handiwork.) If only I could write a knitting episode of the Backyardigans.

Dysd Housewife said...

I too have seen that episode, and thought to myself, BOY, they must be REALLY out of things to push to kids if they are SHEARING sheep. ::snort::

froggiemeanie said...

That has to be about the only episode of the Higgleys that I haven't seen. Claire loves that show and though I'm convinced it's gonna warp her, it's a welcome change from Dora.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. A new episode of Higglytown heroes I haven't seen yet! Be still my beating heart! Just the thought of a reprieve from the Higglytown Hoedown, the HigglyFrog parade and the Higglyberry harvest is enough to give me hope that I may yet survive parenthood with a shred of sanity.

Just don't get me started on Handy Manny.

Jen said...

Would it be creepy if I started watching this even though my kids are all older and in school when it's on? ;)