Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Eeeeeeeee! It’s my first award, too!!

sleepycat tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award!

Lookit, I’m thinking, I’m thinking!

And I’d like to thank all the little people who got me here. If it weren’t for their incessant banging on the bathroom door while I’m trying to read my magazines, wiping their boogers on my ‘dry clean only’ attire and, while staring down their noses at the healthy meals lovingly placed before them, demanding mac-n-chez on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Which is the madhouse. Where I have received an award. Yay!

I’ve been surfing around looking at the other blogs already sporting this little button and wow. What great company to be in! I love being with smart people. It’s like…you know how you can be ‘cool by association’? Hey! Maybe I can be ‘smart by association’.

And then I started going through my blog list looking for my five favorites ‘thinking’ blogs.

Several hours passed. During which I snickered, snorted, nodded wisely, went “awwwwww” and gave out a few virtual hugs and pats on backs.

And then I said, “Wait. What was I doing again?”

And started over.

You can see where this is going, right? It’s like trying to pack away your photo albums. Just going to put this album in the box…hey…is this the one with the pictures of us in Ireland? {Several hours pass, during which absolutely nothing goes into any box anywhere}

So, here are a mere five of my zillions of favorite blogs when I’m in the mood to be given a good think. I have pared this down from literally about two dozen. And I’m still second (third, fourth) guessing myself. And also? I really need to update my links. And now? I digress. Without further blather, I tag:

Three Beautiful Things. Every day, Clare posts three things that have given her pleasure. I love getting my daily dose of happy – and the reminder to stop and wonder at the wee little beautiful things around us every single day.

21st Century Mom. This lady does triathlons. She’s a feminist. She’s raised three gorgeous children who not only still talk to her, but think she’s cool. She gives me a much-needed kick in the behind when I’m feeling just ever-too-delicate to get out there and get the business done. Whenever I’m thinking, “Eh, but it’s all the way upstairs and my kneeeeeeee is just killing meeeeeeeeee…”, I can just think about her getting out there and conquering man-eating hills and then I figure I can probably manage thirteen crummy steps.

The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile, which often during the romp brings up things to really think about. I’m pretty sure the author would neither confirm nor deny rumors that he is attempting to actually make us think with his stories and musings, but reading his posts often send me down introspective pathways. Or Red Lobster. Either way.

Dogs Steal Yarn, a freelance-writer mom, her precious Thumper and all things ranging from vegan eating to living in New York. Or not living in New York anymore. Either way.

And finally, a fairly new daily read for me, Second Effort. “Laboring in the obscurity he so richly deserves, your crusty correspondent offers his views on just about everything. Nothing herein should be taken too seriously: If you look closely, you can see the twinkle in the Old Curmudgeon's eye. Or is that a cataract?”

Hokay. Off y’all go. And I’m going to go check out blogrolling, because really now. I need technology to help me, here…my links are way out of date.


Leigh said...

You removed the link to "Canter In"? One of my fav's and I always linked there from here. I need the adress!!


Mother of Chaos said...

Ack. It's back.

Amy Lane said...

Cool... I have some more stuff to look at when I should be doing other stuff like cleaning house!!!

21stCenturyMom said...

but..but..but.. I don't have arthritis!

Thanks for the shout outs. I'd gladly trade you any inspiration I've provided for a knitting lesson on a day when your body isn't pulling a big f-u. I am hopeless when it comes to knitting. Even me dear Mum who was the Queen of Fisherman knit sweaters and insanely complex patterns she designed herself could not get through to me. Maybe you could do better?

Congratulations on your award! Hip hip - hooray! And I mean a hip that feels good - not a rebellious one!

21stCenturyMom said...

Can you tell I'm a skimmer? Well I read the fine print and I will do my duty later tonight. How fun!

Cari said...

Hey, thanks! I just found your blog recently, but you've quickly become one of my favorite reads.