Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dork Factor: 10

Nobody who isn’t going to be quizzed on these things watches the UC Channel. It’s so boring it defies explanation. Basically, the things on this channel are…classrooms. Pretty much, that’s about it. The blackboard, the students fidgeting in their seats, and a lecturer, droning on and on about quantum physics or independent markets or the Revolution or whatever.

So, you know, yawn. And also, {Click!} NEXT CHANNEL PLEASE!!

But today, Oh My People, I proved yet again! (as if further proof were necessary), that I am a Most Profound Dork.

Richard Davis, President and CEO of US Bancorp was giving a talk at UC Davis, “Making Sense of Banking in the 21st Century”, and…


I think the thud of all those heads hitting the keyboards out there in cyberspace actually registered on the Richter scale. And the snoring! Whew. Like the chainsaws of a thousand loggers….

Anyway, I not only watched it, I enjoyed it.

Also, when she said ‘Richard Davis’ I thought…why do I know that name?…and then she said, “President and CEO of US Bancorp” and I said oh yeah, he replaced whazzizname last year, the guy who is still on the board, you know, yeah. Him.

Lord. There is no hope for me, you know that? I have technically been ‘retired’ from banking for {counts on fingers} {on account of because I am mathematically advanced} six years. And yet I can’t help it: I still follow banks and banking and trends.

And occasionally, I even remember (sort of) the names of bank presidents.

He was, by the way, terrific. He was funny, he was interesting, and suddenly it was an hour later.

Geez. Why couldn’t the lectures I had to sit through have been that interesting?!


froggiemeanie said...

Wow. You are a strong, strong woman to watch (and enjoy) that stuff. Probably fixin' to be a rich one too.

DH watches "Report on Business Television" (it's a Canadian thing) allllll the time. I do complex knitting when it is on. I figure he's going to get us rich and I'm going to spend all the capital gains on yarn.

Wait! Did I just use an investment term? Oh no. I'm actually learning something. Get it off! Get it off!

Amy Lane said...

hee hee hee... ah, let me wax lyrical about romantic poetry...if you stay awake through that, you'll peg the meter...

Anonymous said...

Back when The Learning Channel was treally about learning, I would to watch The Mechanical Universe (physics lectures) ALL THE TIME! And I was never in the field--Yes, I am a dork.
Also, I too am at the age where I spend altogether too much time and $ at the dentist. I thought flouride would save us from that!

ellipsisknits said...

Well, you got me beat. Unfortunately, it's hard to find mass-media content in my field that isn't completely dumbed-down, so maybe that has something to do with it.
I do remember as a child watching all sorts of nature shows and educational television. Wiggs me out when I realize just how much random information I knew as a kid due to that stuff (and have since forgotten). Unfortunately all the educational channels show anymore is 'trading spaces' :P