Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Vote of No Confidence

So my husband and I were chatting this morning. This was my first mistake: Talking to him in the first place. And I said, “Hmm, I’d better hop online today and get the yarn for Niece 1 and Friend 1 and Friend 2 [all having babies in 2007] before the iron door closes.” (Note that this does not qualify as cheating exactly, because I have a shocking lack of baby yarn in my stash and am not going to give “hand wash / lay flat to dry” clothing and/or baby blankies to new mothers, because that would be evil.)

“Huh?” (He is very eloquent before his first cup of coffee, non?)

“You know. Knit from your stash 2007, the whole ‘not buying new yarn for a while’ thing, talked about it endlessly last week?” (Second mistake: Anything said to my husband with enthusiasm and/or repeatedly turns into ‘blah blah blah’ in his memory.)

“Oh. Yeah. That.” {Pause, sip of coffee} “So, what’s the deal with that, anyway? How long does it go on?”

“January 1 through September 30.”

{Spoooooooooooch!!} Coffee all over the playroom. He gazed at me in amused disbelief.

“Wait. Hold the phone. Stop right there. No buying yarn…until October?!”

“Yes. And I’ll thank you to stop laughing.”

{Chortles and snickers and outright wails of helpless laughter from my loving spouse. You see what I put up with?!}

“Oh, ha ha. {snicker} Ahem. Yes. Well. Now, honey.” {Here he assumes his Kindly Professor look, the one that says, I have forgotten more than you will ever know} “I think you and I both know that there is simply no way you are going to make it for nine whole months without buying yarn.”

“I can too! I totally can too.”

“Nope. Never make it.”

“{sputter!} Have you even seen how much yarn is in that office right now? {sputter, flail} Do you have any idea how much sock yarn I have?!”

“I’m just saying…”

“Huhn. Thanks for the support, dear!”

“Oh, I’ll support you once it starts. But this is just the announcement right now, and I’m making my prediction. You’ll never make it.”

Just to prove him wrong, I’m going to head to KnitPicks this morning and buy their entire stock of Swish, Merino Style and Elegance, thus ensuring that I will have absolutely no need whatsoever to purchase any yarn whatsoever for the next nine months.

Hmm. Nine months.

Probably better buy them out of Telemark, too…

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Moira said...

I think you can make I have seen your stash!! so does it count if we buy you yarn instead of chocolate...