Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One Gift Card Averted

OK, one person on my list is out of luck. I finished one of my Christmas projects. Behold, the Blue Shawl:

The Blue Shawl

This is the Stora Dimun shawl from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Shawls book. It was the one that starts off with the dreaded instruction to cast on 449 stitches very loosely. And I am loving this blue, because it is one of those ‘bright, warm, cheerful’ colors. I washed it gently and blocked it even more gently, and it turned lovely-soft.

I am tempted to keep it. Only if I did, I’d have yet more Christmas knitting to get around to, so I’m just lying to myself and saying that I can make myself another one later.

It whipped out pretty darned fast, all things considered. The groovy thing about one of these styles, where you start off with the “oh my god, HOW MANY STITCHES?!” thing, is that as you’re getting near the end, you’re flying. I got through the last fifty rows so fast I was almost shedding tears of gratitude.

Because I’ve got a whole lot more knitting to do. I have…two pairs of lacy socks. One pair of funky socks. Three pairs of “just plain” socks. One whispy-wafty scarfy thing (laceweight…argh…). A few sets of the cotton chenille flower washcloths from Weekend Knitting (there’s a picture of one here – roll over the pink blur).

Let’s see. Five ‘suitable for cool young men’ hats, one ‘righteous’ hat for eight year old male, one wee pink shawl for a wee little girl, four sets of hats and mittens for girl-children.

I’d also like to whump out some of those Fair Isle coasters from KnitPicks because they just amuse the socks off me, and while I’m at it I’d rather like a pair of wrist / forearm warmers for myself made out of the warmest wool I can dig out of my stash. I don’t care if they look utterly and completely dorky. My hands are cold, and I dislike this.

Meanwhile, back at the Den, I still ‘need’ to finish Eldest’s sweater, and then start on the one for my Freakishly Long Armed Spouse. Who has informed me that I must make a matching one for myself because it would be, and I quote, “cute”.

That I do not do “cute” means nothing to this man. He thinks we should go around in matching hand-knit sweaters.

Oh, ack.

Well. Must dash. There are only twenty more knitting days until Christmas…and yes, I’m counting both today AND Christmas Day itself…


Anonymous said...


But do try to get some sleep in there. Pulling an all-nighter to knit it OK, but on Xmas eve? Think about what you're saying, woman!

Anonymous said...

What christmas are you aiming at? Or are you knitting for pygmys?

I think that a list like that would keep me occupied for a busy two months, so if you really pull that off, I will bow in respect to your knitting powers ;-)

I love the Stora Dimun shawl (I think it means "Big Lady"). There is a certain something about those faroese shawls that keeps me coming back time and again. They are just so practical Lots of long rows for knitting, and just when you get tired and want that project done already... You are done. Zooom Zoooom. When you have around ½ of the stitches left, and start shouldershaping, you are almost there.

Have you tried working one in selfstriping yarn? With long repeats? Not Noro-like, but like Kauni. It produces amazing results, really, just as working it in a "Natural" yarn does, such as the original faroese one-ply that creates an incredible garment that weighs next to nothing and is supersoft while still having a substantial body. (I am not talking of the icelandic laceweight availible in the states, this yarn is only availble on the Faroe Islands in three shops)

PipneyJane said...

I hope most of those projects are half done or more - otherwise you won't have enough hours in the day to finish them before Christmas.

Shawl looks lovely.

- Pam (who must have a "finishing off" night tonight. Once upon a time, I wouldn't dream of starting a new garment without finishing off the old one. Now, it's the opposite. I've got 3 pairs of socks and two sweaters to finish off).

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was being ambitious with just a scarf (almost done), a child-sized aran sweater (the front is only halfway done), and a DK hat (halfway there)!

I love that shawl -- it is gorgeous!

Good Luck!

Very Herodotus said...

Wow - that shawl is gorgeous! And really big! Good for you for getting it done so fast, but if you keep up this pace your poor hands are going to curl up and stiffen on you. Save some time for weekly manicures or something!

Moira said...

Lovely and the blue is wonderful.. just remember that if you are kniting for 12th night that is not unitl Jan 14th... you have a reprieve...

Anonymous said...

Wow--the shawl is SMASHING! And isn't it funny how we totally fall for one color until it just fills us like wine? must knit very very very fast to get all of that done...something for the streaming video fans for sure...