Thursday, December 28, 2006

A 2007 Prediction

So there we were. Sitting. Watching television while our children frolicked around the house.

And then…slowly…I became aware that I was hearing a familiar tune being picked out on the piano. Familiar. Hmm. Why do I know this tune…?

I know it, dear friends, because it is the Rhapsody in Blue, by George Gershwin. Which my eight year old (!) is picking out on the piano (!!), because she suddenly remembered hearing it in ‘that movie, what was it, Fantastic 2000?’ (!!!) which we last watched SOME MONTHS AGO (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

And suddenly, I had a blast of Psychic Insight. Yes! I have a prediction! It’s coming to me…coming to me…my keen psychic powers are awakening…I am envisioning…yes, it is becoming clearer…clearer…cleeeeearer…

In 2007, I am going…to be writing…many checks…to…wait…yes, I see it quite clearly now…piano instructors!


Jeanne said...

That's really cool, because Rhapsody in Blue isn't exactly a standard scale or melodic structure, it's a bit complex. Kid's got an ear! Congratulations! :-)

NeedleTart said...

Yay! More piano players. At least you already have the instrument. Make sure you have a bookcase ready for all the music. The good part? You can knit while you are waiting for the lesson to be over.