Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Morning After the Night Before

Uh. Could y’all quit reading so loud? Oooooooh, my head…

Yes. I overdid it. Not with booze. I had one half of one martini and a half a glass of red wine, that’s it.

It was the chocolate, people. The chocolate did me in. We always have a lot of the stuff lying around during the holiday season because instead of nice, low-calorie yarn, what do my friends and family want to get me for any and all occasions?


Mind you, I’m not complaining. There is a reason they get me chocolate, and it isn’t because they think it’s so funny to get me something I loathe.

However. In addition to the usual Chocolate of the Season, Santa apparently lost his ever-loving mind this year. There was nearly a pound of the stuff in each Denizen stocking on Christmas morning. As a reminder, there are four (4) Denizens in this house. And oddly, none of them are all that fond of chocolate. Yes, they like it. But they nibble it and say, “Oh that’s nice OOOOOOH! Are those stickers?!” and then the chocolate gets shoved under the sofa in favor of Strawberry Shortcake stickers and dinosaur puzzles.

Half of the world supply ended up on the kitchen counters in my Den.

Well. To be more specific, it ended up in my stomach.

Well. Actually. It’s probably already migrating to my hips.

I woke up with a pounding headache this morning, and I’m pretty sure it is a caffeine headache (with maybe a touch of lingering cold-related malaise). Caffeine that came mostly from chocolate.

I want you all to pause for a moment to consider just how much chocolate one must eat to achieve a caffeine headache from it.


I did.

And now, with my caffeine headache pounding away, I have to go to the bank. And the supermarket. And…WalMart.

Oooooooooooooh, the brutality of the Morning After the Night Before…

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