Monday, October 16, 2006

Tactical Error du Jour

I made banana muffins for breakfast this morning. Lovely, moist, warm banana muffins with a hidden bonus of wheat germ for health-content.

Which I promptly counteracted by dusting the tops of them with brown sugar before baking, which gives them a sweet, crunchy top.

Baked for twenty minutes.


Removed from pan.

Put on a big plate.

Left the plate in the middle of the table, surrounded by smaller plates.

Told the Denizens to go downstairs and get themselves a muffin while I was getting Captain Adventure ready.

Which involved going back upstairs for pants that actually fit the child, and then sitting with him and a sippy cup of milk while he decided whether or not he was going to pitch a Mondo Tantrum of Doom because of the delay.

The observant among you will note that this left the muffins unattended for a period of nearly twenty minutes.

Then, saying brightly, “OK, you want a muffin now? Muf-FIN? For Captain Adventure? Muf-FIN?”, I stood, turned and whaaaaaaaaaaaat? There’s only one (1) lonely muffin sitting on the plate?

Slowly, my eyes flicked from the big plate to each of the smaller ones. Eldest: one half-chewed muffin on plate, one muffin in tummy. Danger Mouse: two muffins on plate, one half-eaten. Boo Bug…

…had eaten the sugary tops only of seven muffins.



And yet, the implacable law insists it is illegal for me to sell them on eBay…


RM Kahn said...
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RM Kahn said...

I'm with Boo Bug.. sugary tops win out every time!

Moira said...

OH way too funny but you know she would have Sparkles fighting her for the sugary tops...