Thursday, October 26, 2006

Procrastination: It’s What’s for Dinner

I am so far behind in planning for the husband’s birthday party, it does not bear thinking about.

So, I’m opting for ‘continue ignoring until the day before the Event’. It works for everything else in life, right?


I mean, granted. It may not work out particularly well. In point of fact, it may be argued that it produces ‘eh’ if not ‘blech’ results, nine times out of ten.

But as an optimist, that means that there is always that tenth time – which surely must be coming up any second now, as the last nine times I haven’t planned very well for Life Events they fell flatter than one of my homemade pancakes (which could be used to slip notes under doors, that’s how thin yet sturdy they are).

I don’t know why I’m having such trouble settling down and actually planning for this thing. I’ve done more planning for Christmas (two months away, only immediate family showing up) than I’ve done for this party (three weeks away, about 75 people expected).

I have not, for example, put together the actual menu. Other than a honkin’ huge bunch of BBQ trays (and purple plates for it), which I did actually go out and order yesterday. But desserts? Vegetarian stuff? Beverages? Umm…well, I’ve got a bunch of vague ideas and notions, but I haven’t sat down and penciled anything in.

I’ve got no…well, project plan. Which is a very unromantic term to use for a birthday celebration, but let’s face it: whether it’s a wedding or building a bridge, the same basic techniques apply. Use them well, and your Whatever has a better chance of pulling together on time, within budget.

Decide you can totally handle it and you’re just a ‘whatever’ kind of gal, and besides all that it’s only the Brooklyn Bridge – how wrong could it possibly go?!



My bad. Forgot all about that whole 'support beam' thing, there...

Unfortunately, I’m finding that ‘knowing I ought to’ and ‘getting off my patookis and getting it done’ are two very different and far-separated things.

But I swear. I’m going to do it.

Just as soon as I finish Danger Mouse’s sweater.


Unknown said...

If it makes you feel better, last night I got a request for a quote to DJ her husband's birthday party... which is tomorrow night.

froggiemeanie said...

You'll get it done, I'm sure of it.

As for your pancakes - you just need to change your terminology a bit. Call 'em crepes and you'll seem worldly and talented instead of a miserable pancake-maker.