Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mess transit

Don’t get me wrong. I love mass transit. In point of fact, I rather stubbornly refuse to drive myself to work, on those increasingly rare occasions that I go into the office. I drive to the train station (5-10 minutes, depending on traffic lights), and then I get out and settle in for the long haul. Train #1 (45 minutes), Bus (15 minutes), Train #2 (45 minutes).

At night, it’s Train #3 (45 minutes), Bus (30 minutes or so, depending), Train #4 (about an hour, depending).

And I like it that way. I read. I knit. I don’t think evil thoughts about what I’d like to do to my fellow human beings for cutting me off, driving that idiotic vehicle, or otherwise irking me as I stall and stumble my way through the freeway system to work.

However. This morning got a little silly. I got on train #1, only to discover that #1 had mechanical problems. Top speed for the day: 35 miles an hour.

There were moments when I thought I might have made better time on foot.

But the beauty of taking the train for me is this: I didn’t have to freak out. I was late, and growing later. But unlike in my car, where I feel as though I ought to have some control over Things…shoot. I’m along for the ride.

Late. And OK with that.

Besides! I got some knitting done!! Behold, the bottom of Danger Mouse’s sweater!!

Less than an inch but daily growing

I know. It doesn’t look like much. But before I had this, I had to:

Do two gauge swatches, one with 3.5mm (no gauge, boo, hiss!) and one with 3.0mm (Yay! Gauge!)

Drop my pattern.

Drop my measuring tape.

Drop my stitch marker.

Twice. Interesting program note: a 'bead' style stitch marker can really make some distance when dropped on a roiling train floor.

Realize I had cast on with the 3.0mm instead of the 2.5mm I was supposed to use for the ribbing.

Knit another half-round while pondering whether or not I cared enough to rip it out

Rip out

Roll up used yarn.

Cast on again, this time on the 2.5mm needles.

Discover that one of the hooks on this particular KIPer bag doesn’t work quite right and jury-rig a solution.

THEN, knit up these few rounds of knit one, purl one ribbing.

So you see, I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit more than might be apparent in this wee little .75” of ribbing.

I have started Danger Mouse’s sweater because I have finished Boo Bug’s. Except that I still need to run the machine stitches along the steeks, cut them, attach the sleeves, pick up and knit the placket and the neckband, turn and stitch down the hem and put on the lauded clasps.

But obviously – I’m not going to be doing all that on the train. Please. Don’t lets be any crazier than we already are! And for gosh only knows what reason, I didn’t want to take a simple little sock on the train.

No. I wanted to bring this. And I did. And I started it. And I only feel mostly insane for so doing.

Which has got to count for something.

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PipneyJane said...

Please miss! < hand shoots up >

Can we have a picture of the offending KIPer bag. Please!!!

- Pam (developing an obsession with bags.... trying to find one that will fit her knitting, etc, without a) looking huge and b) requiring a new back to carry it)