Saturday, October 21, 2006

A pause to expose my Green Beast

Right now, even as I type this, waiting for my cold medicine to kick in and the next eight minutes to go by so I can walk a couple blocks down and one block over to pick up two of the Denizens from a birthday party, there are other people at NYS Sheep and Wool Festival, a.k.a., Rhinebeck.

I envy them, each and every one. I could spit in their hot cocoa, that’s how jealous I am. That I have a nasty cold rapidly developing just adds ‘…and mean’ to my jealousy.

I have tried looking on the bright side. I have tried thinking about how much money I’m saving by not going. I’m thinking about how I so do not need to add spinning to my list of hobbies I don’t have time to tend as I’d like. I’m telling myself repeatedly that I have plenty, tons, scads, even! of yarn already.

I don’t need more.

I don’t need to start making the stuff, for goodness sakes. I can just see me, hunched over my computer in the dead of night, secretly putting in bids on eBay for fluffy boxes of sexily dyed roving.

So it’s altogether a good thing that I have missed the California and Oregon fiber festivals, and that I couldn’t bring myself to part with a few hundred (thousand) dollars to fly out to New York state from California to immerse myself in pure wool-scented sin temptation.

But all you guys who got to go? Y’all know who you are…the ones who have blogged eagerly about it for, like, ever, who crowed excitedly about how you wouldn’t be blogging this weekend because you’re going to be at @*^&ing Rhinebeck, who will undoubtedly be posting endless glorious digital pictures of the unbelievable wool you got in these unbelievable colors at {angels singing, streaming light from heaven} Rhinebeck?

…just keep an eye on your hot cocoa.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cold, however, it is definately better for the pocket book to stay away from the dens of sin otherwise known as Wool Festivals.

Another trick to not break the bank is to take a 3 year old. Preferably your own so they are particularly annoying and misbehave in manners they would never consider with strangers. This way you spend more time trying to pet sheep than yarn. Ask me how I know.

froggiemeanie said...

Yeah, I hate Rhinebeck weekend too (MS&W weekend sucks too). I don't want to spin either but I'm sure there's enough yarn there to keep me happy. Blissful, even. Besides, they're even playing blogger bingo. How fun is that? You spit in the cocoa, I'll trip 'em up near the sheep patties (if you get my meaning).