Thursday, October 26, 2006

OK, it ain’t Rhinebeck, BUT!

This is close(ish) to me, and it’s this weekend, and since I so nobly did not spend $Umpteen Zillion to fly out to New York…I think I just may go.

Yolo Wool Mill

Although I now am amused by what constitutes ‘close’. ‘Close’, it appears, has much less to do with geography as desirability. If this were…a mall, it would be ‘are you crazy?! That’s way too far away!’

Even a yarn store would be ‘too far’. This is an hour and a half of driving each way from my house.

But for even a mini fiber festival?

It’s right next store! Practically in my backyard! Way to close to miss!


My level of delusion astonishes even me...what's worse, I found both of my drop spindles and have been eyeing my spinning wheel...way up on that lonely old ledge...and going, "Hmmmmmmmmmm..."

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21st Century Mom said...

you two should totally hook up *snort*