Monday, October 02, 2006

Am I retired yet?

What a day. You know…just…geez Louise. Quarter close! All the fun of month end, NOW WITH EXTRA CRAZY!!!!

Everything that could break, did. A few things that can’t break…did anyway. One of the things that failed, something I know nothing whatsoever about, became my little pet today. Could I stomp the fire today, and then build a solution that would keep the space issue from happening again?

And by the way – could I also do these other five things at the same time? Urgent-urgent-urgent!!

But did anybody mention that my new pet had a previous owner actively waiting for the fix? Oooooh no! So I didn’t rush things through on it, noooooo. In point of fact, it was coded as a ‘medium’ priority.

So I rushed other things on through and I then putz around with QA a lot more than was strictly necessary and played with some what if scenarios and then…late in the afternoon…I get an email from someone unexpected asking plaintively if I had an update. Cause he was, you know, waiting…and oh by the way…it wasn’t just the one packaged mentioned in the ticket, it was a whole job’s worth of them…

Oh, garblefuge! I could have slapped a fast-n-dirty fix on hours ago. But nooooo. I didn’t realize someone (and, moreover, someone I like - see, if it were Jerk User, I could have had a lot less give-a-darn about it) was sitting around waiting on the stupid thing! I had targeted my day around having this thing fixed around the same time I was going to shut down for the night.

And. Here it is. After 7:00, and I’m still sitting here, babysitting DTS packages, cursing the name of ‘Ted’ Codd, and wishing I had gone into a more sensible career.

Like, say…florist. I could have been a florist. Or maybe a barista at Starbucks. Hmm. They get stock options (which I don’t) and healthcare (which I also don’t), and darn it – they get coffee.

Do you know what I get? I get interrupted in the middle of making a coffee, and never get back to it. Which is both sick, and wrong.

Stupid DTS packages.

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Anonymous said...

Florists have to deal with mean little Bridezillas. Baristas...hmm, OK, that doesn't sound too bad. Hope things are better this morning!