Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Easy = Good

Don’t get me wrong. I love a challenge. I like things to be a little bit tricky. It makes me feel clever. It makes me feel needed. And useful. Worthy of my salary. And like that.

But sometimes…man, does it ever feel good to just…whoosh through something. Get there quickly, for a change. Like, say, this:

That was fast…

This is Danger Mouse’s sweater, which I cast on two Sundays ago. For comparison purposes, in the same amount of time, I had barely crawled up to the armpits of Boo Bug’s sweater. Sleeves? Ha! They were but a dream! A grand and glorious someday: SOMEDAY, I will get to the part where I knit the sleeves…

I seriously believe I might just finish it this weekend. It’s going that quickly. And also, I am that delusional. Cold medication will do that to one.

I am also toying with taking a sick day for, you know, me. I’ve taken four sick days in the last two weeks to tend sick children, but have been ‘bravely’ (and other euphemisms for ‘stupidly’) been muscling through my own cold on the completely erroneous theory that the world as we know it will simply grind to a halt if I am not at my post for the appointed hours (and then some) each day.

If I were to take a sick day and spend the time on the sofa knitting, this sucker would be done just >>snap!<< like that. Because I’m getting almost three centimeters an hour right now, which in knitting (as in tectonic movement) is Race Day Fast, baby!

And that feels really, really good. I can do it with my eyes closed. I can do it while reading. Or watching SpongeBob. It makes me feel really, really good at this. What, this old thing? Tossed it off in my sleep, honey…

And yet, it is not a boring pattern. Once I finish that second sleeve, wham! Back to multiple colors! This is one of those deals where you do the body up to the armpit, then the two sleeves, then you put it all together and knit up the yoke. It ends up looking like this:

What Danger Mouse wants

See? Interesting! And fun-challenging! In a ‘I can so totally handle this with my eyes closed and my toes crossed’ kind of way!

Also, the black Merino Style is knitting up gorgeously at this gauge. It looks absolutely fabulous, my darlings.

Although I have to admit, in the interest of full disclosure, that things which make me feel clever and knowledgeable and skilled often taken on a rosy glow that easily hides any flaws they may have.

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