Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sad, sad, sad commentary on my dork-factor

Today, in a moment of utter idleness brought on by brain fatigue, it suddenly occurred to me that gee – it’s been a while since I was in school! Heh heh, I said to myself, isn’t it great how I’m not lugging books with me! How I don’t have to spend my commute time studying! No papers due! No new algorithms to puzzle out! No having to lock myself in the office at home for hours on end trying to calculate the minimum and maximum number of hops an email message would have to make to wend its way from San Francisco to New York.

Yes, I sure am glad I’m not in school anymore. Yup. It was fun and all, but gee golly whiz bang, it sure is good to be out of it.

Yup. Great to be free. Great to be a proud holder of the BS/CIS (magna cum laude), which has gotten me more than one nice position at a pretty damned robust pay rate ever since the framed diploma got slapped up on the wall next to my husband’s.

(Mine’s bigger. Nyah-nyah.) (Although he got summa cum laude, the smart twerp, which is bigger than magna.) (But still. My diploma is bigger. So nyah-nyah.)

But I digress. As I was congratulating myself on no longer taking any classes, I suddenly remembered that Golden Gate, my alma mater, has a reduced rate for ‘personal enrichment’ courses taken by its alumni.

Oooooooooh, really…?

One thing leading to another (as one thing so often does with me), I found myself at this page.

“This” would be the course outline for the MS in Finance.

I was thinking maybe a nice course in something fun, like, say, FI 203, Financial Analysis for Managers. Or perhaps a jaunt through FI 307, Financial Modeling. Or of course there’s always my personal favorite, Math 240, Data Analysis for Managers.

I went down the list and every single subject made me go, “EEEEEEE! That would be fun! And useful! And altogether groovy!”

International Economics! SHRIEK!
Venture Capital! Ooooooooh!
Derivative Markets! Oooh-aaaaah!
Wyckoff Method! Mmmmmmm…
Behavioral Finance! {singing} People are stuuuuupid, in the stock marrrrrket…! {/singing}

And now I’m positively lusting to be back in school going after my MS in Finance. LUSTING!, I tell you!!

Finance is Fun?

Now, just how sad a commentary on my life in general is that?


Hmm. That said...I wonder what the fiscal return would be on a $30,000 / 2 year investment toward an MS/FI…?


PipneyJane said...

Sounds fascinating. I can understand it's siren call(it's calling me, too, like a long lost child. Remember, I am an accountant).

Sanity questions - what would you do with it when you graduate? How easy would it be to get a job in the field and how much do they pay? How would you juggle it with your other commitments?

- Pam (< toddler tantrum > I wanna do the course too! )

MS in Finance said...

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