Friday, January 13, 2006

The Happy Dance

Yes, here it is. The official “Got a Job” Happy Dance (workplace appropriateness warning: music will play, be recognized, and bring coworkers from miles around to peer over your wall to see what the heck you’ve found).

Apparently my enormous brain fart yesterday was not enough to scare them off – they called last night and offered me a position at exactly the pay I wanted (whaaaaaat? I don’t hafta wrangle with you about it?!), and I pondered for about, oh, eight seconds before I said something to the effect of “Hell, YES!”

The deal-clincher wasn’t really the pay, though – it was the family-friendliness. All of us are scattered throughout the land, and everybody does a combination of trekking into the office and telecommuting. Right out the gate, I’ve got a deal where I’m telecommuting a couple days a week – which means I can be home when the husband is in the office, and vice versa. Nice.

My other options were a lot less parent-friendly. I used to work at a MegaBank, and I had some keen interest (and higher pay option) from them, but man! They put their toes right up on the line when it comes to family friendly / family hostile. Definitely not friendly, and encroaching on hostile. They were one of those places where if you said, “I’m sorry, I have to leave at 4:00 to catch my train”, they understood completely and would be pushing you out the door. But if you said, “I’m sorry, I have to leave at 4:00 because my daughter has a ballet recital tonight”, they’d look at you as if to say, “Your earth ways are strange to us! What means it, ‘daughter’?”

And then they’d start this stuff: “OK, so, you’re leaving early [no I’m not, that’s when I always leave] aaaaaaaand…how is the Johnson report coming? And the retention program? And the Ixshnay analysis? And…? {taps foot in disapproval of your blatant disregard for the sacred needs of MegaBank}”

But missing a train? Never mind! None of it matters! Just go! We’ll pick it up tomorrow!!

Nope, not a bit sorry not to be going back to MegaBank.

I start on the 23rd. Appropriate train tickets have been purchased. Clothing has been dusted. Ooh, which reminds me, second happy dance: suit jackets and slacks are being altered down a size or two! Or, in one notable case, four sizes!

Oh yes. That’s worth another happy dance, right there.

Now, if I can just keep my mitts off those stupid glazed rolls at Specialties bakery I’ll be set!


Very Herodotus said...

Well I'm on mute so I got no music - but anyway... CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is very exciting news!! What are you going to do with all that extra money???

And by the way, did you *have* to throw in that part about being two sizes smaller? My size 12 Levi's are getting a little snug, and I'm pricing elliptical machines as we speak.

Seriously though, you're still going to blog, right? I don't understand how you'll have time, with a full time job and four kids, but you'll figure something out, right?

Mother of Chaos said...

LOL - I am SO already spending the money I haven't made yet, in my head. "Let's see. New washer and dryer, new fridge, replace the gas range, new upstairs carpet, fix the 9' stucco crack (!) along the back of the house, new van..."

I'm not sure how much money I think I'm making, but I'm spending at least $250,000 a year already.

I had to throw in my smug self-congratulations about the size thing because I am SO SICK OF DIETING!! SICK!! OF!! IT!!!

And per my mirror and my "mom" jeans, it didn't seem like it was doing a darned thing for me.

But when I put on my old work slacks, unworn for two years, and they were falling off me - it made all the stupid low-fat "portion controlled" plates of so-called dinner worth it.

I might actually have MORE time for blogging. Right now, my writing gets interrupted six hundred thousand times a minute by shrieks of "MOMMY!" On the train, if somebody shrieks "MOMMY!", it is SO not MY problem...

Stephanie said...


And really, I haven't tried the sticky rolls, but if they are anything like the cookies... step away from the Specialty's. (Although when we called to order lunch in on Monday they were short staffed and out of salad fixings. Hmph. We had to have pizza.)

21st Century Mom said...

Congratulations! That goes for job and getting back to your old teeny self.

Don't spend it all in one place - bwa ha ha

Marianne said...

Congratulations! It sounds perfect....

Selfishly also looking forward to blog topics about your new job - I'm sure there will be tons of fodder for posts there..


PipneyJane said...

Excellent news!

It's permanent, too, isn't it? So that means benefits!

- Pam

Unknown said...

Please accept my belated congratulations...

(and the Snoopy Dance rocks!)