Friday, January 13, 2006

While in the meantime…

My children have had several things to say about my going back to work. The only kid with a problem is Captain Adventure, who does not believe his personal slave should be doing anything but tending his every whim.

He doesn’t get a vote. Because if he got one, I’d never leave the house again.

Let’s see. My favorite statements of support so far from my daughters…

Eldest said to me, “I like it when you’re working, because you look happier and prettier. And also, I like your earrings. Um…mommy…could I, you know, um, borrow some earrings? Sometime?”

Maybe when you’re older. Like, say, twenty-seven.

Danger Mouse, who stopped suddenly on her way into the classroom to say, “Wait. Do you mean that if you go to work, you’ll get money?” {pause to reflect upon the affirmative answer} “Does that mean I can have an Amazing Amanda doll now?”

No. We are not buying a doll that spews out phrases like, “I love you more than bunnies.” However, I am open to negotiation when it comes to bikes, educational software or dolls that do NOT issue forth aural saccharine.

And finally, Boo Bug, who proclaimed to her entire class, “My mommy has to go to work now! And that means that I get to do lots of art now! And I like my new school because I can do art! And also because I like the feathers!”

In other words, get out already, woman! It is time for me to wrap myself in the pink and purple boas and do some serious coloring, which I obviously cannot do with you standing there!

Ah yes. They support my career intentions. They applaud my dedication to our fiscal health. They validate my need to explore both my nurturing and my analytical sides.

Also, they’d like the jewelry, toys, and arts and crafts time they feel should go along with having a mother who works.


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Moira said...

Okay I had a cousin who figured out if mom worked one hour of over time it would be worth on ski lift ticket... and if she worked a few extra hours/days they could go to Hawaii... hey he was a middle child also... :)