Monday, January 16, 2006

This just in: I am officially insane

Let’s see. Just how much of a lunatic am I, really?

In two days, I’m leaving for a friend’s wedding. I will be gone for five days. Much frivolity will be enjoyed. (Note that children will be here at home whilst mommy is away.) (Note that mommy will be drinking and eating in restaurants which require reservations. Bwa-hahaha.)

Day six, I start back to work – for the first time in two years. I am going to be doing fairly cerebral work in a brand new industry among a group of highly intelligent (which here means, hard to hoodwink) people. Must…act…intelligent…

Additionally, my children will be finishing their winter break and going back to school the first of February, which means the return of the dreaded homework.

I am attending Stitches West and have packed up three whole days with classes (one of which, at least, should be covering the topic of steeks, which will become important shortly thereafter).

AND THEN, the Yarn Harlot tosses out a little Olympic challenge and instead of the more sensible, “Wow, that sounds like fun – have a good time with that, let me know how it all turns out!” I say…

“SURE! I know! I’ll do one of the projects I’ve wanted to do for ever-so-long but have been way too big a coward to even contemplate!!!!”

Brilliant, Tama, just brilliant.

How I think I’m going to be able to cast on and complete an entire sweater in sixteen days to begin with is beyond me. It can take me eight weeks to finish a pair of preschooler-sized socks. The last sweater I did took me something like four months to finish.

Yet I seem to believe that I can finish the Armagh sweater from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Collection in sixteen days. And not ‘sixteen days of my choosing’, but the specific sixteen days between February 10 and February 26.



In spite of the fact that my two-color stranding work has been limited to one (1) child’s sweater that turned out, well, pretty OK I guess; and I have never once in my entire life even contemplated the possibility of doing a sweater with steeks.

But here I am, in front of the Entire Internet, saying, “Sure! In sixteen days I will produce an adult-sized, Fair-Isle-stranded two color sweater with steeks!!”


You know. If you were real friends, you’d at least pretend to be shocked at the news instead of just laughing like that…


21st Century Mom said...

but wait - won't you be sitting on a train twice a day soon? Isn't that just the perfect time to knit?

Have fun on your outing!

Moira said...

Of course I am shocked!! but I am also really laughing at you!!