Sunday, October 02, 2005

Such pretty colors...

When last I had a color printer, quoth the Aged Gray Head, if you printed something like this, with a teeny-tiny little color picture on top of page one and the rest in black and white, it would take approximately three days.

OK, not really.

But it was slow. Very, very slow indeed. I used to print color graphs every so often, and it would literally take about four minutes per page to print out a simple, two column, red and yellow chart.

I printed that page on my spiffy new HP 2700, and it shot out of there as fast (or faster) than my laser printer would have done.


Oooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah.

See, this is one of the unsung benefits of not rushing out to buy every tech-toy that your little heart desires the instant you want it. Because I am not surrounded by the latest and greatest all the time, I am ridiculously impressed by something as simple as my printer being able to spit out a knitting pattern with a color picture on it in less time than it will take to knit the pictured garment.

Oooooooh, aaaaaaaaaaah.

Danger Mouse’s sweater is currently on the blocking pad; I think it will be adorable. And I’ll just have to find all the necessary cords and stuff to post a picture of it, because it is the first sweater I’ve actually designed my own self, patterns and all. I’m very proud. Only took twenty years of knitting for me to finally attempt to design something…never let it be said that I’m a slow learner…

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